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Welcome to Hybrid, a clique centered around the character Tess Harding from the television show Roswell. When Tess was introduced as Max Evans' new love interest, the fans experienced a massive split. Dreamers, fans of the relationship between Max Evans and Liz Parker, were vehemently against Tess. On the other hand, many fans, called Rebels, supported the relationship between Max and Tess.

About this clique

At this clique, members have a chance to voice their opinion about Tess. Either you hate her, you love her, or you think all the fuss about her is ridiculous--after all, it's just a show. The word "hybrid" is defined as "something of mixed origin or composition." Everyone joining this clique may have different opinions, but we all make up the same fan-base.

Some fans hate Tess for splitting Max and Liz up, killing Alex, and tricking her friends into believing her schemes. Other fans believe Tess deserves to be with Max since it is her destiny and argue that she was forced into her "evil" ways by circumstance. And, of course, still others, just enjoy her character and what she brings to the show.

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