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Behind the Wheel is a recognized fanlisting for the television show Roswell's "Bob the Jeep". Bob is the fan-named jeep that the character Max Evans owned throughout the series. Roswell aired from 1999-2002 and can currently be watched on Netflix streaming.

This site was originally opened June 29, 2002 as a clique. Sheana, the original owner of the fanlisting, turned the site over to me July 2, 2005. The fanlisting's title "Behind the Wheel" is inspired by Incubus' song "Drive".

"Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear/ And I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear/ Take the wheel and steer/ It's driven me before/ And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal/ But lately I'm beginning to find that I/ Should be the one behind the wheel/ Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there/ With open arms and open eyes yeah"

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Bob is a jeep. He cannot speak. He cannot move on his own. He is just your regular everyday jeep. Let's just clarify that right now. Whether or not he has alien inbreeding in him, on the other hand, we'll never know.

Max Evans and his father bought Bob from a scary, tough guy when Max was 15. At first Mr. Evans thought he'd try and haggle the guy for a better price, but when a gun fell out of the tough guy's boot, Mr. Evans quickly ponied up the cash.

Although Bob had a rough childhood life, when he met Max everything changed for the better. Still, their relationship was of the non-verbal sort, which left Bob feeling pretty lonely. He often felt bad that his owner was so quiet and reserved, as if he were holding the weight of the world. Bob sometimes even got the feeling that Max was never listening to him. After all, Max never called Bob by name. He always just referred to him as 'the jeep'.

Bob hated Max's sister, Isabel, who often borrowed him. It seemed like everytime she did, he broke down somewhere in the middle of the desert. Even though he felt a little neglected sometimes, Bob really cared for Max and Isabel because he knew everything about them.

He heard all their late night conversations in the desert . He knew that his owners were not just cool teens with a hot ride. No. His owners were cool alien teens with a hot ride. And Bob happily took them on all their late night trips to the desert, finding the pod chamber where they'd been born, and helping his friends to escape danger at every turn.

One day, when things got really intense and complicated, Max and Isabel decided that they needed to return back to their home planet. Max and Isabel couldn't let anyone know about their alien origin, so they decided to make it appear as if they died. After much contemplation, they decided they only had one choice. Emotionally charged, they pushed Bob over a cliff and he burst into flames as he tumbled downwards.

While Bob was taking his final plunge into the great abyss of rock, his life flashed before his eyes. He had no regrets. He was happy to be helping Max until his dying exhaust. He remembered all the times he saw Genie the Jetta, Max's friend Maria DeLuca's car. And although Bob would never admit it, he had a major crush on her.

And as the flames got hotter, Bob remembered all the times Liz Parker, Max's girlfriend, had sat inside him, warming his cool seats. He even had one precious memory of Liz's lips brushing against his window during one of Max and Liz's makeout sessions.

As Bob's body hit the ground, he remembered all the times Max had used his powers to patch holes in his roof. And as his plastic doors shattered into bits, he could think of nothing but how many friends he had made.

As he lay in ruins, a pile of rubble, he thought only of how fulfilling life had been and how much purpose he had served.

Inspiration is from the TV show Roswell and the fan-named jeep that the character Max Evans owns. Images are from Roswell Screen Grab. No infringement intended.