Lucinda Baker

Lucinda Baker was basically cool. She was one of those girls who just tried a little too hard to be out there--a ripped-black-tights-and-green-lipstick type. According to the rumors, the only reason she tried out to be on the cheerleading squad was because her mom paid her a thousand bucks.

Lucinda is just barely holding her job at the most popular pizza place in Roswell, Flying Pepporoni. On the day the manager was observing the employess, she received a button that said "I'm a happy waitress". She was told to push the appertizers, so she promised people she knew from school to pay them back if they ordered some.

Although her exterior may be rough, she is a total boy-freak. Nicknamed "Loose-inda", hardly anyone is surprised that she is always out for the next man. She has a website dedicated to rating all the guys at Ulysses F. Olsen High. While there are some who take the rating of guys very serioulsy, there are others that believe it to be a good laugh.

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