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Character Name: Derek Hoffman
Occupation: Copy Editor
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Species: Warlock
Force of: Darkness
Age: 24
Birthday: 14 March
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 155
Eye Color: hazel
Hair Color: brown


Derek is well-built but not over-the-top. He has enough muscle to do damage, but he still has a lean appearance. His mess of brown hair is often sticking out in all directions, but it isn't a Michael Guerin look: it's a little more tame than that. Derek usually dresses in fashionable clothing with a heavy tinge of his personality. He prefers darker colors to brighter ones and you'd more likely catch him in Hot Topic than Ambercrombie & Fitch (although he does like the women that store attracts).


Derek harbors a lot of anger, but he does a well enough job of hiding it while in public. He likes to mess around with girls and can be very seductive in a bad-boy kind of way. He comes off as a little rough, but he can be charming if he chooses.


-- blinking
-- sensing magical residue (of same power level)
-- sensing nearby magical beings (of same power level)
-- self cloning (8 post max, wait for 10 before second use, NPC control)


Derek's parents were vanquished when he was 6 years old. He had been hiding in the foyer of their one story house in LA when two witches had appeared. In horror, he watched as his two parents screamed in their final firey death. Not sure of what had just happened, Derek was confused and frightened. He knew his parents and himself were different, but he didn't know the full extent of what that meant. As far as he really knew on the surface, he was just a regular kid.

A couple days later, the authorities investigated the case and discovered Derek. They placed the scared little child in foster care. He stayed with the Sanders family for a couple months, but was soon transferred to the Highsingers'. When he was in fourth grade, he beat up a kid named Sammy Tydick with a desk. Needless to say, the school expelled him (the first elementary kid to be expelled in the existence of that school district) and he was transferred to another family--the Durry's--in a nearby suburb of LA.

After starting junior high, Derek began getting involved in different things. He did some drugs, but none ever really stuck. He has a record of getting into trouble with the cops for assault and breaking-and-entering. His attitude made it difficult for any of his foster families to consider adoption, so he never had any kind of sincere relationships. Being bounced around from family to family, Derek's hatred for the world increased.

When he turned 17, he realized he had powers. Doing some research, he discovered his parents' true origins and his own. Embracing his magical identity, he found his way to the underworld and joined a faction of warlocks who sought out witches to kill. Realizing he'd have to lay low in the mortal world to prevent himself from being vanquished, he started to clean up his act a little. He got a job and picked up his grades so that by the time he was 18 he could leave foster care and actually start living his life. It wasn't really that hard--he knew how to get what he wanted through fear. So, by the time he was 19, he had a place of his own (dank as it was) and he was enrolled in the community college of Covina, California.

The other warlocks were a little resentful of Derek since he had come into his powers late and hadn't been trained since birth. Unable to work together with the other warlocks, Derek moved from Covina and headed to San Francisco where he planned to do his own thing. With a four year degree in English under his belt, he got a job as a copy editor and rented a fairly nice apartment.

He seeks out witches to kill in the hopes of finding the witches responsible for his parents' death...