Name: Jensen Z. Pickle
(Jensen's last name is actually pronounced with a long 'i'. But, sometime in the 6th grade, Jensen stopped bothering to correct his teachers and peers from pronouncing it like the vegetable. In fact, by 8th grade, he started introducing himself as Jensen Pickle, with a short 'i', mainly because he knows it annoys the shit out of his father. And he figures, if he's gonna have a name he hates, he might as well have fun with it.)
Nicknames (that Jensen hates): Jensen-Weed (Some stupid kid in 3rd grade thought "Jimson Weed" was pronounced "Jensen Weed" and thought it would be funny to get everyone to call Jensen a flower.)
Nicknames (that Jensen doesn't mind): Pickles
Age: 18
Birthday: April 1
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood type: B+
Ethnicity: White/American (Chicago, baby!)
Religion: Catholic

GPA: 2.3
Favorite Classes: Drama, Theater
Least Favorite Classes: Business, Political Science
Desired Future Career: Stage actor (but his father wants him to be a laywer)
Academic Goals: high school diploma (but his father wants him to go to college)

Recreational Activities: figure skating
School Activities: Forensics/Speech (his events are OC and HDA), drama, theater
Accomplishments: Well, he's been kicked out of three schools already, he's a year behind, and he's on probation. Do those count as accomplishments?
QUOTE (Acting Résumé)
The Importance of Being Earnest - Merriman  - Vauxhall Theatre Company, Chicago
The Crucible - Ezekiel Cheever  - Apsen Local Theatre - Glenwood Springs, NY
Waiting for Godot - boy - Fuller Theaters, Chicago IL
Our Town - Wally Webb - Fuller Theaters, Chicago IL
"Judging Amy" Episode 4x9 - Teenage Boy
"7 Days" Episode 3x19 - Boy

The above plays do not include school productions.
Community Service: Volunteers once a week at a local thrift shop (this began as community service required by an arrest), helps run a drama club at the local elementary school.

Siblings at MPA: none. His older brother Bill is graduated from college and is a lawyer. His younger sister Susie is at a private junior high in Chicago.

* * *

Appearance: Jensen is around 5'9", an average height for his average looks. With brown hair and deep hazel eyes, his earth toned clothes usually blend in rather than bring out his features. Clad in mostly snug fitting t-shirts and jeans, Jensen is lean and well-toned. His clothes are high-end but not over-the-top expensive or extravagant; though he has the money, he chooses to dress high middle class. With some minor acne, he is not drop-dead gorgeous but instead "moderately attractive." Whatever the hell that means. You decide.

Jensen has a scar in his left eyebrow, similar to Holly Marie Combs. He got this in elementary school while jumping from one tower on the playground to another. Needless to say, he miscalculated the jump. Let's not judge him too harshly--after all, he was playing Blind Man's Bluff and had his eyes closed.

Personality: Jensen loves to joke around with people--and sometimes his joking can get annoying since he never lets on too much information. On the whole he is a good guy--he just doesn't know when to stop. He gets into trouble sometimes because he doesn't always think before he acts, but at the core he is he lovable and sweet. Even though he's a "trouble maker", most teachers still like him a whole lot. Jensen loves pulling pranks and, being an actor, he loves doing impersonations.

Jensen doesn't really fall into any social cliques. His personality is much too bubbly and adorkable to alienate him from any single group. But, at the same time, this lack of social identity also provides Jensen with superficial friendships. He has nobody close to really confide in.

While Jensen can usually be found with his trademark grin, he is not all kicks and giggles. He has been known to get into fights; he normally doesn't start them, but he can be provoked so long as you know which buttons to press. He is willing to get drunk, break the rules, break the law, and whatever. He's up for most anything.

Being insanely rich, Jensen is used to getting what he wants and takes advantage of his freedom. At the same time, however, he is a very self-conscious about his money. He can't live without it but he hates the way he feels around public school kids and middle class/poor people. He doesn't think he owes them anything but he always feels judged by them. He hates that people have a preconceived notion about his personality just because he's rich. There's more to him than his money and he wishes people could just accept that.

Jensen loves to look at the ladies and he loves to flirt like crazy. But he won't really go any further than kissing with any girl. He won't get into a relationship and he won't tell anyone why. He's very tight-lipped about his romantic past. A lot of people have their suspicions that he's gay--since he is a drama buff and he won't have a girlfriend--but that's all they are: suspicions.

Likes: Jensen likes most things. He's not a very good student, but he's interested in a little of everything: math, science, literature, history. His favorite superhero is Spiderman and don't even try to argue that Batman is cooler. His favorite color is screaming orange or flamingo pink (ask him about flamingo pink, sometime, haha). He is a member of speech/forensics and his main events are OC and HDA. His little sister is obsessed with figure skating and Jensen takes her to practice so he's not a bad ice skater himself. He rather enjoys the activity--and besides, what better way to meet chicks?
Dislikes: Jensen hates his father and his big brother. He can't stand when people listen to headphones too loudly or chew in quiet areas. He hates cell phones and texting. He hates when people make assumptions about him because he's rich. Jensen doesn't really like movies all that much; he's more interested in television. Jensen doesn't like large crowds or huge productions; he'd rather be on a small stage with a modest budget.
Dreams: Jensen wants to be an actor with a small stage company that does weekly shows for small audiences. He has no desire to go to college or to become a big famous movie star. He simply likes to act and wants to do that for a living. Deep down, Jensen also wants to reconcile with his father and be loved for who he is. He very much wants to know his mother.
Fears: Jensen is afraid that he'll be disowned by his father if he doesn't go to college. He's afraid the divorce has seriously messed up his little sister. And Jensen is very afraid of getting into any serious relationships with girls.

Parents' Names and Occupations:
William Harrison Pickle II (divorce lawyer - very rich - inherited money)
Sandra (divorced from Jensen's father; Jensen hasn't seen her in years)
Grandparents: William Harrison Pickle I
Siblings and Ages:
William Harrison Pickle III, aka Bill (24 yrs old, the success story, a pompous ass)
Susie (11 yrs old, at a school in Chicago, depressed)

Jensen Pickle is the second-born son in the 5th generation of the Pickle line. His father, Mr. William Harrison Pickle, holds great pride in the family name and the social status it carries. The Pickle family is filthy rich with old money but Jensen hates being so rich and he sees very little point in "living up to the Pickle name." As a result, Jensen and his father are constantly at each other's throats; Mr. William Harrison Pickle has already threatened to disown Jensen twice.

From an early age, Jensen was sent to private school. He's always been forced to attend all the fancy parties that his parents throw despite the fact that he abhors the high society lifestyle. In middle school, he decided he wanted to be an actor but his father told him such a career wasn't good enough for a Pickle. Ever since, Jensen has been compared to his older brother Bill. Unlike Jensen, Bill is a "good son," who went into law and upholds the family name.

Though it puts a strain on his relationship to Mr. William Harrison Pickle, Jensen has every intention of not going to college and instead getting a job at a small stage theater the second he finishes high school. He doesn't want to be a big star and he's not trying to make a name for himself--he simply wants to act because he enjoys it.

When Jensen was 11, his mother divorced his father. Jensen never saw his mother again and he hates her for leaving. He also hates his father for not caring that she left. Jensen's younger sister took the divorce really hard and Jensen has felt responsible for her ever since. She just wants the family to be whole again and has tried to find their mother on multiple occasions--all to no avail. Nobody knows where she is.

Jensen got kicked out of his first private school during junior high. He was expelled for an elaborate prank he pulled, which involved a pool and some rubber ducks. Upset with Jensen, his father shipped him off to New York where Jensen managed to get through middle school and Freshman year. He started dating a girl named Jodie and they got pretty intense. After they broke up, Jensen flunked out of school and got kicked out for the second time. Sent back home to Chicago, Jensen enrolled in another private h/s where he quickly got kicked out for pranks and truancy.

As a last resort, Mr. William Harrison Pickle has sent Jensen to MPA, one of the only decent schools left willing to accept Jensen based on his history and grades. Mr. William Harrison Pickle is extremely upset that his son isn't at the most prestigious school in the world, but he'd rather have Jensen at a private school than (*shudder*) a public school. And, Jensen, for his part, is trying to keep up--because he doesn't want to be disowned.

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