Player Info:
Lizzy (AIM: bobthejeep)

Character Info:
Name: Joss Zebedee Reynolds
Age: 20 (birthday: April 1)
Nationality: American
Force: of evil
Species: Hybrid (Empath and Demon)


Coming directly from your father's bloodline, you've been given the ability to Shimmer, a teleportation power that's limitations are also explained in the Level System thread.

You have been blessed with the power of Empathy, passed down from your mother's genes. What some might view as a curse of sorts, you have been given the power to feel others emotions. Your power is also very rare; before now there was a time when only a specific breed of mortal would be bestowed with this power. As you are somewhat new to your magical way of life, your power is in a beginning stage. Your Empathy is somewhat uncontrollable as of now. Whenever someone around you begins to feel a strong and intense emotion, you will begin to pick up on that emotion as well. Your attitude itself will start to change to match that of the person around you. However, since you do have some control over this power, your emotional state will only be affected for three of your own posts.

You are probably seeing how this power can be seen as a curse. Going out into public and being effected by everyone's emotions could cause your brain to overload and drive you insane. And, we really don't want that to happen. Naturally, you have built somewhat of a screen with your power. When you are not alone, your power only reaches out to twenty feet. This twenty feet screen will act like a "net". It will draw in the emotions of those closest to you if you are dealing with a larger crowd. Anyone that is outside of the twenty feet radius will be unaffected by your powers. Generally speaking, people in the same room as you are going to be victims of your empathy.

Appearance: Joss suffers from mild oculocutaneous albinism (OCA1B) which involves the eyes, hair and skin. For Joss, the tyrosinase enzyme is minimally active, causing very light skin, light brown hair, and light brown eyes. Not all of his body receives the same amount of melanin (the skin pigmenting agent), so like his hair has spots of discoloration, so does his skin. His right hand and wrist are full of dark spots against his paler complexion, as is other less obvious parts of his body. Also, he has a streak of white through his left eyebrow and a few white eyelashes in his right eye.

As with most sufferers of albinism, Joss's vision is not completely formed--and he has incredibly low visibility. Unlike more severe cases, Joss is not legally blind.

In addition, since his skin is so light and sensitive, Joss must wear heavy layers of sunscreen at all times as well as sunglasses whenever in bright areas. He always wears long sleeves to protect his skin, especially in the summer.

Personality: Joss Reynolds is a young punk kid. He does whatever he likes and, while mostly quiet, he's not afraid to give his blunt opinion. He loves to check out the ladies--but he hardly ever makes any real moves. Preoccupied with getting ahead and pleasing his father, Joss aspires to gain more powers and develop his talents. Despite this exterior, though, Joss is actually pretty nerdy (he loves math, robotics, and lasers--to his parents' dismay). And he'd never admit it, but he hates his evil life and envies the force of good's family ties of genuine love.

History - Cliff Notes Version:
--Joss was born and raised in underworld
--father sold Joss' weak, powerless but beautiful sister to demonic market at young age
--Joss tries to be better than his awesome older brother, but father always like James better
--Joss lets his brother die when he could have saved him
--'cuz of chaos in the underworld, the Reynolds are forced to move to mortal realm to recuperate

History - Full Version:
Family--John Reynolds (Dad), Laura Reynolds (Mom, deceased), Matt (older brother, vanquished), Haley (younger sister, missing)

Born and raised in the underworld, Joss enjoyed a normal childhood of demonic upbringing. At age 12, he'd gone to the demonic market with his younger sister Haley and his father in search of a rare and highly dangerous root. While negotiating the price, John Reynolds finally offered his daughter as additional payment to sweeten the deal. At the time, Joss thought little of it since Haley was highly beautiful but very weak--she showed no signs of active or passive power and she could not hold her own in a fight. Joss never knew what happened to her.

Fearful that his father would do something similar to him, Joss made it a priority to be the best he could be. No matter how hard he tried, though, his older brother James was always better. Even now, Joss is still living in his brother's shadow and his father wishes he could be more like James.

At age 19, about a year ago, Joss and James were hunting a witch for her powerful protection amulet. Joss managed to get a hold of the amulet--but the witch grabbed James and held a knife to his throat. The message was clear: either Joss give up the amulet or she'd kill his brother. Without a moment's hesitation, Joss walked out, hearing his brother's scream of vanquish and smelling the burning smoke.

After the Charmed Ones destroyed the stability of the underworld, life started to get very interesting. Fights broke out constantly and demons and warlocks grappled for powers. Joss' family was attacked and just barely managed to get away. John, heavily wounded with a smashed leg and broken shoulder was forced to move his family to the mortal world in order to recuperate. Joss too was wounded: he has a large gash from his left elbow to his left shoulder, which is slowly healing but will leave a scar.

The transition is rather tough on Joss--who's never lived in the mortal world and has only visited it to hunt witches. He hates having to hide his abilities, but he knows the dangers of 1) exposing magic and 2) bumping into one of the many forces of good who now plague his world.

Other Notes: Don't worry admins and mods! The Reynolds family has sold off the "powerful amulet" and it's no longer in their possession. However, Joss kept the chain which was around the amulet (which holds no power) and always wears it around his neck.