Vital Stats
Name: Tabitha Annabelle Maycroft
Age: 27
Date of Birth: August 7, 2010
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Breed: Druid

Physical Description
Body Type: Athletic/Toned Appearance: The first thing anyone ever notices about Tabby is her hair. Extremely full and thick, Tabby's golden-brown hair flows down to her mid-back in tight but natural curls. Tabby loves her hair and, while its length and poof can be burdensome, she has no intention of cutting it. She most often wears it down, letting it spill over her shoulders and frame her face.

At 5'7", Tabby stands at average height and, like her brother, she likes to run for exercise. As a result, she has a well-toned body but she's not overly athletic. With her healthy figure, Tabby is rather attractive. Given her crazy hair, well-endowed bosom, and healthy body weight, Tabby is certainly no stranger to good-looks. Nevertheless, Tabby rarely dresses to flaunt her looks and instead goes for a more casual appearance. That's not to say, of course, that she won't dress a little risque if the occasion calls for it.

Most often, though, she'll wear jeans and a cute top. If it's summer, she'll often be found in earth-toned tank tops. When it's colder, she'll sport flirty blouses and a tight-fitting hoodie. As a Druid, she prefers to wear solid greens, browns, and blacks. She tends to dress a little darkly, but oftentimes her clothes will include a dark vine or floral design.

Most often Tabitha can be found with a half-smile on her face, but she's by no means an extremely happy person. She's got a bit of an edge to her and a sharpness in her eyes. People who first meet her often have trouble defining her personality and sense her resistance to fully open up. At the age of 27, Tabitha still looks young but she has obviously been worn by the world.

Tabitha also wears a wedding ring and engagement ring on her left ring-finger.

Powers & Abilities
Tabitha Maycroft, like your brother before you, you are of a magical breed known as druid. In A Charmed Legacy's mythos, the druids share a natural bond with the earth from which they draw their power. They tend to possess more passive powers bred from the earth's protective nature as they work to protect and preserve it in return.

With your power of Weather Manipulation, you are able to bend the forces of nature to your will through a constant psionic link between yourself and the atmosphere in your immediate vicinity. This link allows you to shift various environmental factors to create any number of desired effects. And yes, it is as draining as it sounds. You are only able to affect the weather for a maximum duration of four in-character posts before your body's energy will be drained, rendering you unable to use this particular ability again for another six in-character posts. Also, because of that continuous bond I mentioned earlier, the weather in your immediate area is automatically affected by any intense or extreme emotional states - including, but not limited to, a great depression, volatile anger or unrestrained jubilation.

There is a flip side consisting of 'lesser' abilities that you can use more often which do not detract from your resources so heavily. You are able to use your precise control over air currents to Fly at varying speeds and altitudes. Also, you are so attuned to the world that you are able to Sense environmental conditions from impending weather for the day or a dying tree a hundred meters away. Finally, you have a more limited version of Invulnerability than your brother that allows you to be unaffected by atmosphere conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold and everything in between.

Personality Profile
Tabitha is a reserved young woman, who doesn't really like to be bothered by people she doesn't know. She's pretty cynical and tends to see the worst in a situation before the good. She's easily annoyed and irritated--especially when other people don't immediately grasp what is going on. She has little patience for new recruits and their ignorance.

Extremely smart, Tabitha has a keen eye for detail and she is constantly thinking. She doesn't talk a whole lot but she is always paying attention. When she does talk, she will say what's on her mind and she may be a little sarcastic or pessimistic.

Beneath the surface of this edgy and dark personality lies the remnants of the sweet girl Tabitha used to be. As a child, she was always curious and optimistic. She used to be really excited about everything and always wanted to know more. She's also pretty empathetic.

In the past few years, Tabitha has developed a very strong and deeply rooted hatred for all things demonic and evil. She has completely thrown herself into her M.A.G.I.C. training and she hardly allows herself much time for anything else. When she does allow herself some free time, she'll go out drinking or partying but she won't make very healthy choices.

Tabby hates cats.

Personal History

Tabitha was the firstborn of Carter and Juliette Maycroft. About a year and a half later, her brother James was born. During the early years of her life, Tabitha and her brother were brought up in a very Druid household, which celebrated their magic. Their father Carter truly believed in fighting the good fight and stopping the forces of evil. He and his brothers (Tabitha's uncles) became involved with John Worthington, an eloquent activist who encouraged the magical community to take the war against evil to the streets.

As a result, Tabby's father and uncles would go out and fight dangerous gangs of demons. When Tabitha was seven and James five and their mother pregnant with a third child, one such fight led to the death of Carter and his two brothers; they were killed by a gang of Crycheck Demons.

Deeply affected by the loss of her husband, Juliette moved in with her sister Joan in a penthouse in San Francisco. She disowned her husband's family, who still believed in John Worthington's mission and ideas. A few months later, she gave birth to her final child, a son who would never know his father. Naming him Carter Junior, Juliette did her best to raise her three children with only the help of her sister.

As time went on, the unconventional little family became incredibly close. Not having a father, the three children relied heavily on each other and became inseparable: they were friends, siblings, and classmates.

Juliette and Joan made it a top priority to teach their kids in the ways of Druid magics. Now that the world was slowly warming up to the existence of magic, they wanted their children to be proud of their abilities and to be confident in their Druid heritage. To help ensure a proper education, Juliette and Joan home-schooled their children.

When Tabitha turned eight, hints of her powers began to show themselves. At first, it started small. She'd be angry--and suddenly it would be thundering outside. Or she'd be happy--and suddenly the wind would softly play at her cheeks. Tabitha and her parents didn't even realize her emotions were linked to the weather until Tabby turned nine and began to consciously control minor weather events.

Around the same time, James' power was revealed: an incredible power of invincibility. As he became more and more confident in his ability to protect his family, Tabitha became more and more concerned that her little brother was going to get hurt. She had always been his 'unofficial' protector and now, suddenly, he was acting like he was hers.

Despite this unspoken tension, Tabitha and James remained very close. When Tabitha entered fifth grade, her mother decided sending the children to a mortal school would help them have a well-rounded mortal education. During these few years, Tabitha really enjoyed being away from the constant study of magic. She was surprised to learn that the mortals found joy in such trivial things and that to them, magic was...magic.

When Juliette and Joan transferred the children to Magic School, Tabby was a little disappointed to leave the public schools. But, she was able to catch some of James' contagious excitement and she really was interested in learning more about the magical community and more about her powers. It was in Magic School that Tabby first mastered the precise control needed in order to fly.

It was also in Magic School that Tabitha started to get close to their cousin, Simon Maycroft. James wanted nothing to do with Simon, since Simon and his family still held such high respect for John Worthington. But Tabitha didn't think the sins of the fathers should prevent the younger kids from talking to one another. After all, they were family.

Becoming more and more excited about her powers, Tabitha also became more and more interested in Simon's life. She wanted to know more about the side of her family that her mother forbid her to see and associate with. She and James had a few disagreements about this, but Tabitha began to go with Simon to different meetings of John Worthington.

After graduating from Magic School, both Tabitha and James remained close despite the tension. Brother and sister both saw a great need for stopping the evil that was popping up around the city. But the two had differing ideas on the best way to approach it. Tabitha was becoming more and more convinced that John Worthington's message of seeking out and destroying demons before they made a move was a better and more effective way of eradicating the world of evil.

James was angry with Tabitha for even talking about John Worthington, who he believed was a cultist leader who was responsible for their father's unnecessary death. Tabitha, on the other hand, believed their father had died an honorable death in the fight against evil.

Against her mother's wishes--and to the anger of James--Tabitha left home and decided to dedicate herself to John Worthington's cause. For two years, Tabitha stayed with Worthington, actively bringing the fight to the demons. While fighting with Worthington's followers, Tabitha met a boy named Sam Hoffman. Sammy was very close to Worthington and he was wickedly intelligent, cute, and funny. He had a bit of dark edge to him but Tabitha quickly fell in love. Under Sam's influence, Tabby began to be a little reckless with her powers and she started to have fun using them more for personal gain than for stopping evil.

The more involved she became with Sam however, the more she began to suspect that he was actually a force of darkness. She had to rethink her own life and wonder about John Worthington's real pupose. She realized that Worthington's mission seemed to be less about eradicating demons and more about removing the higher demonic competition. She suspected that Worthington himself was actually a demon, who was using forces of good to pave the way for him to take power.

Tabby took Sam aside and forced an answer out of him. After a huge argument, he admitted that Tabby's fears were indeed well-founded. Sam was a half-demon and Worthington was using forces of good to help raise himself to a higher level in the demonic hierarchy. Worthington had encouraged the creation of half-breeds (like Sam) in order to better recruit forces of good to his evil causes. Tabitha tried to kill Sam on the spot, but he managed to convince her that he really was in love with Tabitha.

Tabby wouldn't believe it--having no faith or trust in anything demonic, especially after having been duped by Worthington. But Sam proved it to her by taking a potion to strip his powers. He told her that she had to make a choice: either stay and try and stop Worthington or run away with him to get married.

As much as Tabitha wanted to kill Worthington, her emotions got the better of her and she chose to run off with Sam. The powerless half-demon and the runaway Druid ended up in Los Angeles, where they got married. Tabitha was too afraid to re-establish contact with her family. She didn't want to admit the shame of being sucked into Worthington's cult; especially since Worthington was responsible for her father's death. She also didn't think her family would accept Sam.

Sam too was in constant danger. He knew too much about Worthington's real plans and Worthington wanted him dead. After a year of marriage, Sam and Tabitha were tracked down and attacked. Tabby made it out alive; Sam did not. After his death, Tabby fell into a deep anger and depression and Los Angeles suffered a series of intense thunderstorms. The strange weather attracted the attention of M.A.G.I.C. and Tabitha was approached for recruitment.

Having nothing else to live for except the fight against evil--and the vanquishing of Worthington--Tabitha joined M.A.G.I.C. and dedicated herself to training and fighting. Worthington and his cult fell underground and she wasn't able to find him again.

Tabby moved back to San Francisco and has been an active agent of M.A.G.I.C. for the past four years. She has yet to face her family and she's afraid of what they will think of her. All she can do is fight evil--the way it should be done--and hope to make a difference in this screwed-up world.

--born to the Maycroft family
--her father gets involved with a demon-fighting activist named John Worthington
--her father is killed by Crycheck demons
--Tabby and her brother James become close as children and have a magical upbringing
--Tabby is disowned when she decides to join Worthington's "cult"
--Tabby falls in love with Sam Hoffman
--Sam turns out to be a half-demon and Worthington turns out to be a demonic leader who is using forces of good to fight his battles
--Sam convinces Tabitha of his love and strips his powers; they run off and get married
--Sam is killed; Tabitha joins M.A.G.I.C.
--Tabitha devotes herself to fighting and is afraid to face her family

Other Notes

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