Welcome to the Kiss Kritique!

In a small town like Roswell, New Mexico, everyone knows everyone. But do you know everything about everyone's kisses? I do!

Ever wonder what Rick Sumacz's kisses are like, or why Steve Lydick is always taken? Want to know if Richard Jaison is worth pining over every night? Well, you've come to the right place.

I'm Lucinda Baker and I've uncovered the kiss secrets of the guys at Ulysses F. Olsen High for your kissing convenience. Take a look around and maybe you'll get the kiss you've been waiting for.

Mu-wah! xoxoxox

13 January 2018
Another new URL for the 10 year reunion! Please update your links to roswellhigh.net/kiss.
~Lucinda kissed you @ 10:00 PM~

8 November 2009
Wow! It's been a long while... but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about the importance of giving all you Ulysses F Olsen High kids the inside scoop! We've updated links again. Our new URL is kiss.seldomtold.net, so update your bookmarks. And I'll see you at the five year reunion. *wink*
~Lucinda kissed you @ 12:22 AM~

13 February 2007
It's that time again! We are moving from Roswell.nu to ironicrequiem.com! Please update all your links.
~Lucinda kissed you @ 9:46 AM~

11 February 2006
Hey everyone! So Crystal (my totally rockin' host) bought a new domain! So we are moving from Antarian.net to Roswell.nu! Please update all your links.
~Lucinda kissed you @ 10:26 AM~

31 January 2006
Hi, girls! I started expanding some of the entries. Also, I've been editing some of the entries for grammar errors. (My mom told me I had to get an 'A' in English this year or else I'd be grounded for a year. I just got over being grounded and well, you know how it is.) Anyway, I also added an entry for the gorgeous Michael Guerin. Don't get your hopes up too much, though.
~Lucinda kissed you @ 9:10 AM~

21 December 2003
Hey everybody! I've revamped the site and moved over here to my new host Antarian. Please let me know what you think in the guestbook.
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