Nikolas Branson

Nick...Oh, so bad boy. The minute he transferred to Ulysses F. Olsen High, I had my eye glued to him and his motorcycle. He was a jerk, sure. We all knew that (except maybe Isabel Evans. What was that about? She can have any guy she wants and of all the people, she chooses Nikolas?). Anyway, sometimes I just like to imagine what a kiss from Nikolas would be like. I bet it would be strong. Passionate. Intense. All good adjectives.

But I guess we'll never find out. He disappeared. At first, I thought Isabel scared him out of Roswell, but you all remember her right after he left. A total and complete mess. From Ice-Princess to Ice-Cube. So, I think something else happened to him. He always said his parents were moving from town to town, but what is the fun in believing that? I think he was probably murdered.

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