Full Glossary

A Walk on the Moon

An alien-themed shoe store in Roswell's mall.

Spanish for the word "grandmother" and used in term of endearment.

An alien word signifying the right of passage to the collective consciousness. The akino occurs at adolescence and is a very painful process: the body withers and dies from within. In order to complete the akino, the person must connect to the collective consciousness through the use of communiation crystals. Many believe that if a person does not connect to the collective consciousness, then he will die. This, however, is a myth. The aliens can withstand the akino, even though it is painful. When aliens are in human form, however, their bodies are much weaker. It is dangerous and likely that an alien will die if he goes through his akino while in human form.

Alien Bop
Roswell's version of the bunny hop. This is a popular dance at the local night club, UFOnics.

A color of light surrounding a person. All of the aliens can see auras. Auras are the manifestation of energy that each person emits. Each person's aura is completely different and has a unique color. This energy surrounds a person in a soft glowing light. As a person's emotions change, their auras change as well. Dark colors streaking a person's aura might indicate fear or unhappiness. Lighter colors might indicate joy or pleasure. When an aura turns completely black, that usually means the person has died.

The Astral Projector
Roswell's local alien-themed newspaper. This newspaper is run by Elsevan DuPris, an eccentric and very curious man. Many of the articles are highly questionable and strange. The newspaper is Roswell's answer to The National Inquirer.

An alien-themed candy bar sold in Roswell.

Bitter Lakes
A small town near Roswell.

Bitter Lakes Nature Center
A nature center near Roswell. Max's father enjoys the nature center and had taken Isabel and Max there many times when they were children. The place is also meaninful to Max since this is where he and Liz go to talk about Max's alien origins.

Black Hole Putt-Putt Golf Course
A popular hangout in Roswell. Alex and Isabel share their first kiss here.

All of the aliens have the ability to block other aliens from viewing their dream orbs, as well as masking their auras. Only Nikolas, Ray, and other more powerful aliens have mastered this skill.

Carlsbad Caverns
A nearby set of caves. The teens attempt to bring Alex back to Earth from within the caves.

Clean Slate Compound
An underground facility owned by the secret government organization Project Clean Slate. Adam grew up in the compound and Michael was kept in a holding cell there. The 1947 ship was contained there until the compound was destroyed.

collective consciousness
A psychic internet of all the beings from the home planet of the aliens. The aliens connect to the consciousness through their akinos and are then connected to all the other beings--both living and dead. The beings within the consciousness have the ability to communicate and share emotions and feelings.

All of the aliens have the ability to connect to other aliens and to other humans. By touching another person, they can 'become' the other person. Once they are connected, the two people share the same sensations, memories, and feelings, even though they both remain in their separate bodies. It is also possible for an entire group of people to connect with each other. If humans are involved in this, they momentarily acquire the ability to see auras and identify unique scents and sounds.

The Crashdown Cafe
An alien-themed restaurant owned by Liz's family. This is also a popular hangout for the high school students.

The Doors
A band that Liz's dad listens to when he is very upset.

dream orb
The unique shape of each individual's dream. Every being creates a dream orb when they sleep. These dream orbs are contained on the dream plane.

dream plane
A place between sleep and consciousness where people's dreams exist. Aliens have the ability to enter this state while still maintaining waking consciousness.

All of the aliens have the power to dreamwalk. The aliens only need two hours of sleep a night and so they often dreamwalk to pass the time. Closing their eyes, the aliens have the power to enter a dreamlike state--the state when you are half-alseep and half-awake. This is called the dream plane. Each person has a unique dream orb. The aliens have the ability to call the orb to them and can choose to watch the dream or choose to enter the dream. If they enter the dream, they can communicate with the dreaming person and manipulate the structure of the dream.

All of the aliens have the ability to feel the emotions of the other aliens around them. They can choose to tune these feelings out, but they always have this connection with each other.

Flying Pepperoni
A popular pizza place in Roswell, where many of the high school students go to eat. Lucinda Baker works here as a waitress.

The Grateful Dead
A band that Liz's dad listens to when he is feeling in a particularly good mood.

Hog Phasers
Alien-themed pork rinds sold in Roswell.

el jefe
Spanish for "the boss".

A rebellion against the collective consciousness. The Kindred is a group of aliens trying to destroy the collective consciousness. They feel the consciousness takes away the individuality of their people. Until his death, DuPris is the leader of the Kindred.

Lake Lee
A lake in Roswell. Max and Michael shove Mr. Hughes' green pickup truck into this lake to throw off Sheriff Valenti and remove suspision of their alien origins.

An alien word with an unknown translation. This word most likely refers to tracking down someone or something and/or to teleportation.

An alien-themed beverage sold in Roswell. This is also a favotire amongst the aliens--especially when hot sauce is added.

Spanish for "my daughter" and used in term of endearment.

One of the department stores in the Roswell mall.

Mr. Beans
Liz's stuffed dog from when she was a child. Mr. Beans lives on her bed.

molecular manipulation
All of the aliens have the ability to move molecules. They can nudge molecules together or further apart. They cannot change a substance into something else; rather, they can only manipulate the existing molecules.

Mothers Without Partners (MWP)
A support group for single mothers. Maria's mother is a part of this group and sometimes hosts meetings at her home.

The unique sound each individual emits. The aliens can hear these sounds when a connection is made.

An incubation device where the aliens were hatched. The pods allowed the teens to survive the 1947 crash and to be so young, despite how long ago the crash occured. The aliens emerged from the pods and appeared to be 5 or 6 years old in human form.

Project Clean Slate
A secret government organization set up to track down and study aliens. After the 1947 crash, Clean Slate captured the ship and an incubation pod. When the pod hatched, a young alien was born. This alien was given the name Adam and grew up under the care of Clean Slate agents. Sheriff Valenti was the head of the organization until the underground compound was destroyed by Elsevan DuPris.

The unique scent that each individual emits. The aliens have the ability to smell these scents during a connection.

Space Supplies
An alien-themed tourist trap. Michael works here as a stock boy, prior to inheriting the UFO Museum.

Stones of Midnight
Powerful stones from the aliens' home planet. These stones can be recharged but cannot have their powers combined. A stone will magnify the powers of the surrounding aliens but the energy from the stone will dissipate. Only three Stones of Midnight exist.

All of the aliens have the ability to knock people out by touching them, making a connection, and squeezing their veins until they pass out.

tabula rasa
Latin for "blank slate" and used as a code name for Project Clean Slate.

UFO Museum
An alien-themed museum owned by Ray Iburg. After Ray's death, Michael inherits the museum and lives there with Adam.

A popular dance club in Roswell. This is a popular hangout for the teens.

UFO Observer
The local newspaper in Roswell.

Ulysses F. Olsen High
The high school in Roswell.

Victoria's Secret
A shop in the Roswell mall. Nikolas was shot and killed here, while Isabel hid nearby.