Roswell High Books

The Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz was first released between 1998-2000. After the general idea for the storyline was pitched by an editor at Pocket Books, Melinda Metz and Laura Burns worked closely together to create the characters and plots. The series tells the story of three alien teenagers struggling to find their identities as they are hunted by a secret government agency and attacked by an evil alien nemesis. Despite the science fiction angle, the books are definitely targeting a younger female audience, as the characters explore true love, romance, and deep friendship.

For summaries of each book, as well as key developments, click on the book titles to the right.

Cover Art

The books were originally released with the cover art as shown in the left column below. Midway through the release schedule of the books, the television show began airing. As a result, it's believed by many fans that the later books (#6-10) were only released with the new cover art featuring the television actors. It's unclear whether book seven was ever officially published with the original cover art; the image shown below may merely be concept art.

Additional Art

The following image is an insert included in the first edition of The Outsider. Unfortunately, my copy of this book is an old library book and has some extensive corner damage. Based on descriptions given in the books, as well as models chosen for specific book artwork, I've labeled the characters.

Foreign Editions

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