#9 - The Dark One

Isabel has run away from home, and Max knows that her life is in danger. He has to find her and save her, but time is ticking away.

Alex is back on Earth, and he's a changed man. He looks better, feels better, and is ready to live life to the fullest--without Isabel Evans. Little does he know that he's the only person who can help the ailing Isabel. Will Alex be able to put aside his pride and save the life of his former love?


The book opens with Kyle threatening Kevin DeLuca's life--the deceased sheriff's son intent on forcing the truth about his father's death from Max. Unable to fight Kyle with their alien powers, the alien teens realize that Kyle is using Project Clean Slate technology to block them. The group desperately tries to calm Kyle down--but before they can, Elsevan DuPris teleports into the room, intent on stealing a second Stone of Midnight from them. In the confusion, Trevor simply gives DuPris the stone, announcing that he had come to Earth for that very purpose and offering to join DuPris in his quest to destroy the collective consciousness. Before Michael and the others even have a chance to react, DuPris and Trevor teleport out, leaving the others behind with a shocked Kyle Valenti.

After convincing Kyle that his father was killed by DuPris, Kyle demands that they all leave him alone. The teens gladly oblige, taking a moment to make sure Maria's little brother is okay, before delving into their own separate issues. Michael is shocked by the betrayal of his brother, Alex seems to be more interested in his newfound popularity than dealing with the dangers of DuPris, Liz is crushed by Max's descent further and further into the collective consciousness--and to top it all off, Isabel begins her akino.

Sick and weak, Isabel refuses to join the collective consciousness. Max tries to convince her that it is a good thing, a great way to connect with their home planet, but she says that she would rather die than become the collective consciousness' puppet. Afraid that her friends will force her to join the consciousness when she becomes too weak, Isabel runs, hiding in a hotel with Michael. Meanwhile, Trevor visits Michael in his dreams to try and explain his actions--and Michael learns that Trevor survived his akino without dying or joining the collective consiousness.

When Isabel is at the point of death, Michael begs his brother for help. Trevor tells Michael to bring Isabel to DuPris' hideout, where he and DuPris have been trying to gain enough power to shatter the collective consiousness once and for all. All of the teens arrive at the hideout, hoping to stop DuPris and save Isabel's life. Upon seeing the horrible shape that Isabel is in, Trevor is worried that her human body won't be able to withstand the akino the way his alien body had. He takes a Stone of Midnight and uses its energy to help ease Isabel's pain--and successfully saves Isabel's life.

When DuPris learns that Trevor used the Stone of Midnight without his permission, he decides it's time to teach Trevor a little lesson about power and following orders. To make a point, he points the stone at Adam and cleanly burns a hole through the young alien's heart, instantly killing him. Immediately, Trevor realizes that DuPris is evil, even though his cause may be noble, and without a second's hesistation, he kills DuPris.

Overcome with shock at the death of Adam, it hardly matters to the teens that DuPris is dead or that they once again have possession of two of the three Stones of Midnight. They all decide that they need to destroy the collective consciousness. Even Max agrees--but as soon as the words leave his mouth, he goes slack, his mind taken hostage by the collective consciousness.

Key Developments

  • Kyle learns the truth about the alien resisdents of Roswell. When he finds out that DuPris killed his father, he swears revenge.

  • The Kindred's purpose is finally revealed. The Kindred is a group of rebels from the home planet that wants to destroy the collective consciousness. DuPris is the leader of the rebellion and Trevor was sent to Earth to deliver the Stone of Midnight to him. With the combined power of two stones, DuPris and Trevor hope to have enough energy to shatter the consciousness.

  • In a horrible demonstration of power, DuPris cruelly kills Adam to prove a point. Immediately after, Trevor kills DuPris to save the rest of the teens.

  • The teens regain two Stones of Midnight.

  • The group decides that the collective consiousness needs to be destroyed and they agree to help Trevor finish his mission.

  • Powers Introduced


    The aliens have the power to restore energy to the Stone of Midnight by exerting massive amounts of energy towards it through intense images.


  • As Max becomes more and more involved with the collective consiousness, it's nearly impossible for him to carry on a full conversation with another person. Even though Liz loves him deeply, she can't stand to live this way and she breaks up with him.

  • Preocuppied with Isabel's sickness, Michael is forced to put his feelings for Maria on hold. With all of the action, there is little time for Maria and Michael to really delve into their feelings for each other.

  • Alex, on the other hand, has become quite the chick magnet and he gets caught up in his own popularity, going on dates with head cheerleader Stacey Scheinin and college girls. When he finds out that Isabel is sick, though, he immediately comes back down to Earth and focuses on the struggles that his closest friends are going through.

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