#2 - The Wild One

Isabel: From the moment she hears the roar of Nikolas' motorcycle, she's hooked. This new guy in town seems to understand exactly how she feels and thinks, exactly what she needs. He's someone willing to let her be what she was born to be...the wild one.

Alex: He's jealous of Isabel's new boyfriend. Worse, he fears that Nikolas is dragging Isabel deeper and deeper into danger. If Isabel's not careful, Sheriff Valenti will discover the truth about her. And if that happens, no one from Earth will be able to save her...


A new alien named Nikolas Branson comes to Roswell and convinces Isabel to become careless with her powers. Max and the others are concerned about Isabel's reckless behavior, not only because it puts her in danger, but because it puts them all in danger. Not caring what the others say, Isabel starts dating Nikolas and breaks into the bowling alley and the mall, carelessly using her alien powers.

Valenti figures out the truth about Nikolas and kills him while Isabel just barely manages to escape. Much to the teens' surprise, another new alien, Ray Iburg, saves the day by erecting a strange white forcefield around Valenti, allowing the teens enough time to escape.

Key Developments

  • Max is hired to work at the UFO Museum, which is owned by Ray Iburg.

  • Nikolas introduces a hint of the first Stone of Midnight.

  • Nikolas is shot and killed by Sheriff Valenti.

  • Ray Iburg reveals his alien origin.

  • Powers Introduced


    All of the aliens have the ability to knock people out by touching them, making a connection, and squeezing their veins until they pass out.

    clearing memory
    All of the aliens, although only Ray Iburg understands how, have the ability to wipe memories through a flash of white light. This is a difficult power to access and drains substantial energy from the person using the power. Only a small amount of a person's memory can be cleared, otherwise the alien will be killed by the amount of power being used.

    All of the aliens have the ability to block other aliens from viewing their dream orbs, as well as masking their auras. Only Nikolas, Ray, and other more powerful aliens have mastered this skill.


  • Isabel falls in love with Nikolas and allows her inner bad-girl to shine through. Alex, worried for Isabel's safety, tries to protect her from herself and her bad choices, but Isabel only sees him as jealous of Nikolas.

  • Liz and Max remain apart, but both are very much in love. They share a passionate kiss at the end of the book.

  • Quotes


    "That's what I like about you, Alex. You're not afraid to ask the big philosphical questions. Why does evil exist in the world? Has science disproved the existence of the soul? And the really big one--What variety of cheese puff is truly superior?"

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