#5 - The Intruder

Michael: He's being held in a secret compound. But he's concerned less for himself than his friends. Max. Maria. Liz. Alex. And Isabel. He's got to get out, before he's forced to betray the Roswell residents whom Sheriff Valenti is dying to capture. And once Sheriff Valenti has the information he wants, he won't be needing Michael anymore.

Isabel: She used to think of Michael as a brother. But now that he's been captured, she seems to be the only one able to hear his every thought, feel his every emotion, share his dreams. Could this special bond between them mean they're meant to be together? Time is running out for Isabel to know for sure...


Michael has been captured by Clean Slate and placed in an underground cell. While being tested by government doctors, he meets another alien named Adam, who has lived his entire life in the compound. Scared for himself and worried about Adam--Michael is glad for the distraction when a girl named Cameron is put in a cell next to him.

Cameron claims to be a psychic, but she is really a spy for Project Clean Slate, who is trying to get close to Michael to learn the names of the other aliens in Roswell. Despite her sinister intentions, Cameron is not a bad person--she is just a lost girl with a broken past. The closer she gets to Michael, the more she really does fall for him. Realizing that Michael is the victim, Cameron helps him and Adam escape.

Though Adam makes it to safety, Michael and Cameron remain trapped. Afraid of the great new world that he'd only read about in books, Adam manages to find Liz and the others. With Adam's help, the teens break into the compound to free Michael. Just as they are escaping, Adam suddenly destroys the compound in a rage and ends up killing Valenti. With the government no longer a threat, the teens are left wondering whether or not Adam is safe.

Key Developments

  • Adam, an alien whom Project Clean Slate captured from birth and raised in captivity, is introduced. Having been sheltered for most of his life, Adam is excited about the simplest things--like toast.

  • Cameron, a spy working for Project Clean Slate, pretends to be a psychic to trick Michael into giving up the names of his alien friends. Cameron later decides to help Michael and his friends escape.

  • Sheriff Valenti is killed and Project Clean Slate is seemingly destroyed when the underground compound burns.

  • Powers Introduced

    combining powers

    The aliens have the ability to connect with each other and combine their powers. With the extra energy, they can exert more force and their powers are stronger.

    retrieving memories
    The aliens have the ability to retrieve a memory from another person by connecting with them and searching through their minds. They must use key images to spark the path towards a memory.


  • Though the readers do not actually know the details of how Isabel breaks up with Alex, it is clear that the breakup was pretty harsh. Coming from Isabel Evans, the Ice Princess, this is not entirely surprising, but it does leave Alex hurting.

  • Max is excited about his new connection to the collective consciousness and he tries to share the experience with Liz, even though she can't quite understand it. Nevertheless, Max and Liz are happy to finally be dating and take full advantage, despite their fears for Michael's safety.

  • With Michael trapped by Clean Slate, Maria and Isabel both realize just how much Michael means to them. They both compete with each other, each trying to prove that they care about Michael more than the other. Michael, for his part, starts to fall for Cameron Winger.

  • When Adam meets Liz, he is immediately struck by her beauty and kindness. He is a little jealous that she's already taken by Max.

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