#6 - The Stowaway

Michael: He's still having flashbacks of his escape from the underground compound. Only Cameron, the mysterious girl he met behind bars, seems to understand him--and realize that the sheriff may be gone but an even more dangerous enemy is out there...

Cameron: She fell for Michael while in the compound...spying on him for Sheriff Valenti. Now she feels guilty, and wishes she could tell him the truth. But how can she be honest--without losing Michael?


The group is divided in more ways than one. First, they must decide what to do about Adam, who they fear can't be trusted after he went on a killing spree that destroyed the Clean Slate Compound. Luckily, the teens discover that Adam is being controlled by evil alien Elsevan DuPris, who wants to steal the Stone of Midnight. Not so luckily, the teens realize they have a new enemy--and this time, it's an alien with a greater knowledge of their powers than any one is prepared for.

Before the teens can come up with a plan, DuPris captures Isabel and Adam, and the group is forced to give DuPris the stone in exchange for their lives. Despite their agreement, DuPris goes back on his word and uses the stone to try and kill them all anyway. The stone's bounty hunters will only obey DuPris, so, in an effort to survive, the teens change their appearances so each will look like DuPris, in the hope that this will confuse the bounty hunters.

When Max sees DuPris, his connection to the collective consiousness vibrates with activity--it becomes clear that DuPris is a wanted man on their home planet. The collective consciousness lends energy to Max to collectively create a wormhole. The teens force DuPris into the wormhole, but realize too late that they have accidentally sent Alex to their home planet instead. Much to everyone's dismay, DuPris escapes with the Stone and Alex---Alex is gone!

Key Developments

  • DuPris reveals that he is an alien who had also been on the ship that crashed in 1947. He is after the Stone of Midnight and is hated by the collective consciousness.

  • Cameron feels guilty for betraying Michael's trust in the compound and does everything she can to prove herself to Michael.

  • Alex is accidentally sent to the home planet through a worm hole created by the collective consciousness.

  • The Stone of Midnight's importance is made a little clearer. It is a powerful source of energy that can cause massive destruction.

  • Powers Introduced

    No new powers are introduced.


  • Maria is going insane not knowing how Michael feels about her. She has to know if Michael loves her or Isabel. With her usual gumption, she forces Michael to choose who he loves: her or Isabel. To her great surprise, Michael chooses Cameron.

  • Liz and Max are still dating, though the collective consciousness is starting to aggravate things. Max seems to be distracted and distant, always having some kind of interaction with the collective consciousness instead of focusing on the people around him.

  • Alex is very depressed about not being with Isabel anymore, but he still manages to put on a brave face and be the sweet guy he's always been.

  • Adam's interest in Liz increases, and with Max being distracted by the collective consciousness, Adam and Liz start to grow a little closer.

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