#8 - The Rebel

Michael has finally found the one thing he always yearned for--family. When his brother Trevor arrives in Roswell, Michael will do anything to please him. But soon Trevor's loyalties come into question--and Michael is caught in the cross fire.

Maria's little brother has disappeared and she knows the kidnappers are trying to get to her and her friends. Devastated and guilt-ridden, Maria turns to Michael for help. But will he be there for her, or has Michael himself become the enemy?


The alien beings on the home planet give Alex one of the three Stones of Midnight to open a worm hole and return to Earth. Trevor, Michael's long-lost brother, hitches a ride without the aliens knowing. When Alex returns to Earth, he is terrified; he has a horrible feeling that Trevor would do anything--even kill him--to get the Stone of Midnight.

Overjoyed at seeing Alex alive and well, the teens think it's also great news that Michael's brother Trevor has also arrived. When Alex convinces the others that Trevor might be a threat, Michael is torn about where his loyalties should lie--with his friends or with his family? But after Trevor tries to steal the stone from Max, Michael is forced to accept that his brother isn't who he thought he was.

Meanwhile, Kyle Valenti, distraught over the murder of his father, kidnaps Maria's little brother Kevin in order to force the truth out of the teens. Threatening to kill Kevin, the teens fear there is little they can do--and thus this book ends on a cliffhanger.

Key Developments

  • Alex returns to Earth with a Stone of Midnight, having been sent back by the aliens on the home planet.

  • Alex's dad, even though he is part of Project Clean Slate, doesn't turn in the alien teens. He is just happy to have his son back alive and well.

  • Michael's brother, Trevor, sneaks into the wormhole that brought Alex home. Despite his growing relationship with Michael, Trevor's ultimate goal is to steal the Stone of Midnight from Alex.

  • Powers Introduced

    No new powers are introduced.


  • Alex returns from the home planet looking better than ever. He is more muscular and attractive than he'd ever been before. Isabel is so happy to see him, but the two come to a mutual agreement that they don't work as a couple. They decide to be just friends and both are pleased to return to their deep friendship.

  • Isabel knows that it would never work with Michael, but she is pleasantly surprised by how attractive his brother Trevor is. She flirts with the new alien, but is cautious about jumping back into a relationship with anyone.

  • Michael is undecided about how to proceed with Maria. He's confused by the whole romance thing and doesn't want to hurt anyone.

  • After Liz has a fight with her papa, she tries to go to Max but he is too distracted by the collective consciousness to give her the support she needs. She instead goes to Adam, who comforts and kisses her. Liz crushes his little boy heart, when she tells him that she is still in love with Max and only wants to be friends with Adam.

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