#10 - The Salvation

Max is out of control. He's lying to his friends, ignoring his family, and has even turned on Liz. Has Max completely lost his mind...or is Max not really Max at all?

Liz hasn't felt connected to Max in a long time--not the way she used to be. She knows he isn't the guy she fell in love with. There's something else controlling him. Something sinister. Can Liz help Max break free before he's lost forever?


After burying Adam's body in the desert, the teens begin to focus on how they can destroy the collective consiousness, which has taken over Max's body by trapping his mind inside of the collective. Isabel invites Trevor to come stay at her house and the teens decide to keep Max's condition a secret from his adoptive parents. In order to prevent any questions, Trevor uses his powers of molecular manipulation to disguise himself as Max. He finds the human experience fascinating and enjoys the oddities of the human body.

Liz stays by Max's bedside day and night hoping that he will wake up. When he finally does, however, he isn't really Max. He is being controlled by the collective consiousness, which is trying to get the Stones of Midnight back. The teens realize that they must split into two groups--a group that pretends to help 'Max' find the stones and a group that works to find a way to boost the stones' powers in order to shatter the collective concsiousness.

As the teens struggle to find a way to boost the stones' powers, Trevor invites Michael and Isabel to return with him to their home planet once they have accomplished their goal. He says that society will need to be rebuilt after the destruction of the collective and he wants Michael and Isabel to be a part of it. Michael is excited to go 'home' and be with his real family. Isabel isn't quite sure what she wants--but the idea of being with Trevor is exciting.

With a little help from Project Clean Slate's technology, the teens find a way to open a wormhole to the home planet and release a device that will shatter the collective consiousness. They are all worried for Max's life, as they fear they won't be able to shatter the collective without killing Max. All of the teens--humans and aliens alike--connect and lend their energies to the effort, each person sharing deep memories to boost the power of the wormhole and to try and save Max. After a few close calls, Max is freed and the collective is destroyed. With the wormhole open, Trevor must return to the home planet. Isabel stays behind and, at the last moment, Michael decides to stay on Earth because he realizes that Maria is his home. Isabel and Michael hope to one day visit Trevor, but for now, everyone is just happy to be alive and safe on their real home planet, Earth.

Key Developments

  • Kyle, distraught over his father's murder and the existence of aliens, begins to talk to the press. In order to keep the resident alien teens' secret, Liz tells the reporters that Kyle has lost his marbles and Kyle is placed in a mental institution.

  • The collective consciousness is destroyed, freeing Max from its grip.

  • Trevor and Michael both plan to return to the home planet, but Michael decides to stay on Earth for Maria.

  • Powers Introduced

    No new powers are introduced.


  • Isabel starts to fall for Trevor and is conflicted when he invites her to come back with him to the home planet. She eventually decides to stay on Earth, but she doesn't give up hope that she might meet Trevor again soon.

  • While being controlled by the collective consiousness, Max says horrible things to Liz about their relationship but the real Max manages to visit Liz in the dream plane to let her know how much he loves her. When he is finally freed, he gives all the credit to Liz's love for keeping him alive.

  • Michael finally realizes how much Maria means to him and he decides to stay on Earth to be with her.

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