#7 - The Vanished

Max is on a mission to save Alex, who is stranded on the home planet. Alex may be lost or wounded--or worse. To get Alex back, Max knows he'll need one of the Stones of Midnight. If only he knew where to find one...

Liz understands that Max can't rest until he finds Alex. And she's been busy herself--spending time with Roswell newcomer Adam. She's been having so much fun with Adam that Max is in danger...of being forgotten.


The group tries different avenues of getting Alex back to Earth, but everything they try fails. They know their only chance is the Stone of Midnight, but how can they get it back from DuPris? While searching, the group discovers that Clean Slate is still active--and that Alex's dad is a part of the organization.

In a risky move, the teens track down DuPris and take back the stone by force. Boosting its power with the unexpected help of Clean Slate's 'The Major' (or in other words, Alex's dad), the teens are able to see Alex's molecules begin to emerge in thin air. Before the attempt at transportation is completed, however, the stone loses its power. The teens are left alone in the cave, DuPris having escaped, and Alex still trapped.

Key Developments

  • Cameron suddenly leaves town with no explanation and is never heard from again.

  • Michael inherits the UFO Museum from the deceased Ray Iburg, and he and Adam decide to live there.

  • Alex's dad reveals that he is Clean Slate. He discovers the truth about the resident alien teens when he bumps into them attempting a rescue of his son. Knowing that they are trying their best to get Alex back, The Major does not tell anyone about Max, Michael, and Isabel's alien origins.

  • Kyle tries to learn the truth about what happened to his father, recently killed by DuPris. He is convinced the aliens had something to do with it and he wants to get to the bottom of it.

  • Powers Introduced


    All of the aliens have the ability to release their molecules and reform them in a different location.


  • Isabel misses Alex and feels guilty for the horrible way she broke up with him. Though she doesn't want to get back together with him, she cares deeply for his safety. With Alex trapped on her home planet, she sends him a letter in the form of a bottle rocket, even though she knows it will never reach him.

  • Max and Liz are still dating, but the collective consciousness is becoming more and more of a problem. Adam uses this opportunity to get closer to Liz and they share a romantic, yet innocent, 'date' in the dream plane.

  • Isabel and Maria are both still competing for Michael's attentions, but Isabel slowly comes to realize that she is not interested in Michael romantically. He is too much like a brother to her.

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