A Walk on the Moon

An alien-themed shoe store in Roswell's mall.

Bitter Lakes
A small town near Roswell.

Bitter Lakes Nature Center
A nature center near Roswell. Max's father enjoys the nature center and had taken Isabel and Max there many times when they were children. The place is also meaninful to Max since this is where he and Liz go to talk about Max's alien origins.

Black Hole Putt-Putt Golf Course
A popular hangout in Roswell. Alex and Isabel share their first kiss here.

Carlsbad Caverns
A nearby set of caves. The teens attempt to bring Alex back to Earth from within the caves.

Clean Slate Compound
An underground facility owned by the secret government organization Project Clean Slate. Adam grew up in the compound and Michael was kept in a holding cell there. The 1947 ship was contained there until the compound was destroyed.

The Crashdown Cafe
An alien-themed restaurant owned by Liz's family. This is also a popular hangout for the high school students.

Flying Pepperoni
A popular pizza place in Roswell, where many of the high school students go to eat. Lucinda Baker works here as a waitress.

Lake Lee
A lake in Roswell. Max and Michael shove Mr. Hughes' green pickup truck into this lake to throw off Sheriff Valenti and remove suspision of their alien origins.

One of the department stores in the Roswell mall.

Space Supplies
An alien-themed tourist trap. Michael works here as a stock boy, prior to inheriting the UFO Museum.

UFO Museum
An alien-themed museum owned by Ray Iburg. After Ray's death, Michael inherits the museum and lives there with Adam.

A popular dance club in Roswell. This is a popular hangout for the teens.

Ulysses F. Olsen High
The high school in Roswell.

Victoria's Secret
A shop in the Roswell mall. Nikolas was shot and killed here, while Isabel hid nearby.