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This website is fictitiously run by the character Alex Manes from the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz. For a very detailed biography that I wrote when I was in high school, please scroll down. For a shorter biography, please click here.

Alex bio
Alex Manes

According to Liz Ortecho, Alex isn't a guy-guy. Not like Kyle Valenti. Kyle, the totally gross boyfriend. But according to Isabel, Alex is the perfect guy. Well, until she breaks up with him. But even then...let me start at the beginning.

Alex is friends with Liz Ortecho and Maria DeLuca. It was kind of weird he admitted. He hadn't done the whole girls as friends thing since he was, like, seven. He is a funny guy, but he usually thinks it is stupid to laugh at your own jokes. And he loves to say things that he knows will make his friends laugh. Like when asked what kind of dress Liz should buy, he replies, "Oh, you know, short, tight, backless, low cut, maybe a couple of slits somewhere. Preferably worn braless with one of those thong things." Alex loves pulling Liz's chain. Alex is always like that. Alex probably would tell Maria basiclly the same thing about making a guy notice- wear a teddy and high heals. And the fact that it bothered The Major [his dad] is a bonus.

Alex's dad is very into military, and wanted Alex to start up the ROTC program at his school. Alex wished that one of his 3 older brothers would trail blaze the path of civilianhood, but had no such luck. Alex would have to somehow not go into the military on his own. Luckily for him, events would lead so that he didn't have to worry about it.

On that weird summer day, a few days after Liz supposedly was shot, Alex knew something was going on. But his suspicion was torn away, when Liz cleverly changed the subject. However, when things got more and more intense, Maria finally told Alex the truth. Liz was shot, and Max Evans healed her. Max Evans is an alien, and so is Michael Guerin, Max's best friend. And so is Max's sister, Isabel.

Isabel, God Isabel! Ever since Alex had that dream with Isabel in it. The two of them dancing at homecoming. Her hands around his waist, his body pressed up against hers. Her leaning up for the kiss---Bam! The dream ended. Alex had fallen in love with her.

But, Isabel was interested in Nikolas, another alien. Alex has no chance, until Nikolas was shot by Sheriff Valenti, head of a secret organization called Project Clean Slate. Alex was devastated for Isabel, and talked to her all day and all night, while she was huddled on the other side of the door crying. Isabel needed something to take her mind off Nikolas's death and Alex's voice was just the thing. Alex talked and talked until his mouth went dry about his little league baseball team. When he started running out of things to say, he had to start telling his secrets. Like about how he was afaird of Big Bird when he was little; anything to keep Isabel's mind off Nikolas.

Isabel is one of those preppy people, who think everybody should worship them, but Alex knew there was more to her than that and he found it. Him and Isabel became a couple and were very happy together, until Isabel fell for Michael. Isabel broke up with Alex in a horrible way, and made him feel like scum. Even rainbow sprinkles on ice cream couldn't cheer him up. What was worse? Now the alien residents of Roswell had an evil alien after them. Elsevan DuPris.

In a very complicated plan to send DuPris through a worm hole, Alex was accidentally sent through instead. What had happened was the aliens had molded evreyone's face to look like DuPris so that they could trick the bounty hunters that were trying to kill them. The bounty hunters surely woudn't try to kill it's own master! But alas, the plan failed. The wormhole that was supposed to send DuPris back to the home planet, in fact sent Alex. Max, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Liz, and a newcomer Adam(also an alien), desperately tried to bring him back to Earth. While they were attempting to bring him back, they ran into Alex's dad, who was trying for the same goal. Alex's dad was Clean Slate. Fortunately, even though he knew about the aliens- Max, Michael, Adam, and Isabel- they were safe. He said that it wasn't Clean Slate's agenda to destroy aliens, but delcined from saying what was.

When Alex was finally sent back through the worm hole to Earth, he went first to Max and Isabel's home. Isabel was bursting with happiness at having him home. While he was gone she had sent a letter to him. It was actually very silly. She took her letter and with nowhere to send it, she put it on a bottle rocket and blew it toward the sky. It was just the kind of thing Alex would do. Their relationship was still messy, but she loved him.

Alex was terrified; while he was in the worm hole he felt he was being followed by someone who would do anything to get the Stone of Midnight- even kill him. The Stone of Midnight was what had been powerful enough to open the worm hole and bring him back to Earth.

Alex returned home and told his parents a lame story of getting lost in the woods for two weeks. Alex then confronted his dad about Clean Slate, and in that coded way his father had, he told Alex that he loved him, by saying he didn't have to go into ROTC. Alex was surprised and relieved when he finally realized his dad loved him. The Major assured him that Alex's alien friends had nothing to worry about from Project Clean Slate. Alex's dad even made Alex show him his web site (my recreation here), but maybe that was because of what Alex had told his dad, while looking like a guard from the compund.

This is how that happened: The group needed to find where the ship was being held and they knew it was in an underground compound. So, Isabel, Alex, and Liz changed their appearences to look like a guard that worked there. Then, they went to bars and hangouts hoping to find someone who recongnized them and could give them information. Alex happened to bump into his dad at a bar. He used this to his advantage and started a convesation with his dad. HIs dad asked if Guard/Alex had any kids in military and Alex replied that he had three sons in military, but the youngest one was a "good for nothing, always too busy hanging out with girls and playing on the computer." Alex's dad asked how that son turned out, because he had a son (Alex) that was the same way. Alex said that little Willy was doing real well; that he went by Bill, now. Bill Gates. Pretty sly move by Alex to get out of the military!

Anyway, the presence that Alex had felt in the worm hole had been Michael's brother Trevor and everything worked out fine with that situation (and along with that situation came the death of DuPris). Ever since Alex had come through the worm hole, he had looked pretty yummy. As in 'I got to get me a taste of that'. All the girls in school gave a second look and it was a new experience for him. Isabel noticed too, but they didn't get back together. They were able to have conversations about who they were dating and they even joked about how Alex painted a X on the spot where Isabel kissed him for the first time. They had a dance, one slow dance, and in that moment they both felt that they had to let whatever they had go and move on. So Alex is still single, in case you're interested.

Alex is the funny one. Always voting himself as the head moral booster when things get tough. Always trying to make people laugh and usually succeding. Just read Alex's quotes in the Roswell High books and you'll know what I mean.

Alex, Maria, Liz, Max, Isabel and Michael are a family. Some aliens-some humans. They are all connected in a special way and love each other, if not romantically. I guess that is what happens when you all almost die. You got to stay together and help each other out. You got to be a family. Alex is a part of that. And Alex is the only Alex......and so I build this web site not only to honor Alex Manes, but also in memory of Alex Whitman, a deceased friend who could always brighten the mood.

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