List 06
Alternative Uses for Pennies

1) Molding them into fake teeth. Who wants gold teeth, anyway? It's all about the copper.
2) Selling them for a quarter each, claiming that they will someday be worth something in, oh, about one hundred thousand years, when another civilization is uncovering our ruins and finds the old green pennies.
3) Filling a pool with pennies and going for a metallic swim.
4) Exceeding all the famous structures by building a Leaning Tower of Lincoln.
5) Pogs.
6) Throwing them at freshmen.
7) Bullets.
8) Buttons on tuxedos, just paint them black or start a new fashion: greening copper buttons.
9) Penny powered appliances. The wave of the future!
10) They could help a median channel through "ghosts," in cheap carnival acts.

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