List 01
How to Know When to Bring a Barf Bag to a Movie

1) If the plot is about trying to remember where you put your car.
2) If the actors have dolls made representing themselves.
3) If the main star only has one colored contact in.
4) If the entire cast is shown in a jumping gym outside a bowling alley.
5) If the entire story takes place on the roof of a house.
6) If the entire movie is a bunch of people talking the entire time about dog shows.
7) If the entire movie has captions because it's in another language.
8) If the movie takes only a week to get to a second run theater.
9) If all the actresses are running around in yellow spandex and the guys are wearing speedos and very white and wet shorts.
10) If the plot is to save a slice of cheese from being eaten by a rabid mouse.

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