List 04
How to Guarantee Your Kid Will Grow Up to be a Game Show Host

1) Have your kid practice saying, "What do we have for her, Johnny?"
2) Tape every episode of the show Jeopardy.
3) When your kid answers you, always reply, "Is that your final answer?"
4) Ask to buy a vowel when at the supermarket.
5) Teach your child street smarts, and if he does something stupid, tell him he is the "weakest link." Goodbye!
6) Keep a poster of Regis up in your room as your idol.
7) Make sure you don't name your kid Bob.
8) Always keep prizes handy for when your kid does something commendable.
9) When your kid is feeling depressed, tell him "to give the wheel a spin, and hope it lands on $1,000,000."
10) Request a "change of heart" when you are in a dissagreement.

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