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This entire site is a work of fiction; it is a recreation of a character's website from the book series Roswell High by Melinda Metz.

All 17 lists on this site were created by Metz's character Alex Manes. Any list item with an asterick (*) was Melinda Metz's idea. List content is not to be taken seriously. More information about the lists can be found in Melinda Metz's book series Roswell High. This site is fictitiously run by Metz's character of Alex Manes. No infringement intended.

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Complete List of Lists

This section of the site is the creation of Andrew, my affiliate. All credit goes to him for finding the information and putting together this lovely (and colorful) list. I have added a couple lists that he missed and changed it slighty for easier reading. Please give his site a visit at Andrew's Roswell Webpage.

If you know the Roswell books written by Melinda Metz, then you will know that Alex has a web page that contains lists of things he likes, hates, etc. I have split the lists up into the books they were written in.

    I will write the lists with a picture of who makes it up next to it.
    The titles of the lists will be in red and the contents of the lists (if there are any) will be in green.

Book 1

How to know when to bring a barf bag to a movie.
Best ways to break up with a guy.
    Liz- Start talking about tampons and periods a lot.
    Maria- Tell him you think it would be cute to wear matching outfits to school.

How to guarantee that your kid will grow up to be a serial killer or a game show host.
Really bad dog names.
Alternate uses for pennies.

Book 2

Consequences for breaking the "Superserious Absolutely Unbreakable Best Friend Promise"
The most superior cheese products in Roswell
    1) Crater Taters
    2) Cosmic Crunch.

The Big Philosphical Questions According to Alex
    1) Why does evil exist in the world?
    2) Has science disproved the existence of the soul?
    3) And the really big one- What variety of cheese puff is truly superior?

The S list. (A list of movies Alex refuses to watch)
  • Anything a critic describes as sensitive.
  • Any movie with subtitles.
  • Any movie with Meryl Streep

Food that tastes different than you'd expect it to.
    Rainbow sprinkles.

Book 3

Food related expressions
    Cheese it!

Book 4

Bills that I'd rather be than me.
    1) Bill Gates
    2) Billy Baldwin
    3) Mr. Bill

Terms for guys who spend way to much time thinking about their web page.
    Liz - Cyber weenie .
    Maria - Geek child.
    Maria - Big goober.
    Michael - Wedgie boy

Book 5

Very bad business ideas
    Month of the year underpants

How not to impress a woman
    Give her a ceramic troll

Isabel's qualities
  • Beautiful
  • Selfish
  • Spoiled
  • Conceited
  • Thoughtless

Book 6


Book 7

The twenty best tasting fried snack foods.

The ugliest American presidents
    Taft at the top of the list
    Kennedy at the bottom

The top 10 reasons why goldfish make lousy pets

The 50 funniest words in the English language
    1) Panty

This is said by Adam. An alien that is in the books but not in the TV series.
    Favorite kinds of toast
  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Jam

The 10 best holidays
  • Groundhogs day
  • Flag day

The 5 coolest foreign cars.

The 10 ways to a man's heart

Book 8


Book 9


Book 10

Top 10 favorite body parts

Top 10 things to look for in a girl
    Alex - Showing a lot of skin
    Michael - Soft, smooth skin
    Doug Highsinger (just some jock) - "I'm more of a butt man myself"
    Michael - Good sense of humour