List 02
How to Get Out of a Cruddy Relationship

*1) Start talking about periods and tamp---just start talking a lot about...that.
*2) Say you think it would be so cute if the two of you wore matching outfits to school every day.
3) Do everything for the other person and ask a million times if they are comfortable.
4) Buy the two of you shirts that say "I'm with her/him" and that have little pink hearts all over them. Get matching teddy bears that light up.
5) Insist that you watch Mr. Rogers on your next date instead of The Matrix.
6) Suggest that it would sooooo romantic if you went on vacation to a remote village in the depths of Mexico where they still use corn husks as toliet paper.
7) Call every day at the same time to ask if they are home when you know that they aren't.
8) When you aren't holding hands, hold a fake one with his/her name engraved on it.
9) Start singing mushy songs in a screechy voice.
10) Insist that you two were meant to be and that you can't live without her/him and that she/he are your air and go on and on and on about how much you love her/him and that she/he should love you and that you will never be parted, EVER.

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