List 05
How to Guarantee Your Kid Will Grow Up to be a Serial Killer

1) When leaving your kid a note, cut out all the letters from a magazine.
2) Buy all the scary movies ever made, DVD and VHS.
3) Make your kid eat cereal for breakfast (no poptarts, waffles, ect.).
4) When calling your child, never say hello. Say "do you know who this is?"
5) Dress your kid up in pink fluffy dresses to go to school in, regardless of sex.
6) Make your kid wear gloves when moving stuff in the house.
7) When playing cops and robbers, always have your kid be the robber.
8) Instead of threatening with a belt, threaten that you will cover them with honey and send bees at them.
9) Make your wardrobe consist of black clothes only.
10) Keep a large stack of knives in the den.

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