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So you finally found it! How many long hours did you spend on Google trying to find the one and only site that brings you the most complete and the most useful lists on the net? Well, look no further!

I'm Alex Manes from Ulysses F Olsen High and I'll be your webmaster throughout the duration of your visit here. Please leave me a note in the guestbook before you leave.

Jan '18

Another new URL. Please update your links to!

July '11

We've got a brand-spanking new layout! This one doesn't feature the ROTC, so I hope my father doesn't get all on my case.

Oct '07

Yeah, I know you guys probably thought I was sucked through a wormhole or something, but I am still here! ...And we changed urls: Please update all links!

Apr '05

Hey, guys! Sorry I was gone for so long. I went on a camping trip and got a little lost... Since I've gotten back, I've been really busy. But please don't hesitate to sign the guestbook!

July '01
Site Opening

Hi, everyone! It's me, Alex Manes, from Ulysses F Olsen High. I hope you enjoy my site! We've just opened!