Type: alien
Aura: sunshine yellow
Scent: green leave
Physical Appearance: Adam looks much younger than he really is. He is a teenager but, looking at him, you'd think he was still in middle school. He has short brown hair and an innocent smile.


Having grown up under the care of Project Clean Slate, Adam knows very little about the human world. As a result, he is extremely curious and easy to please. He finds joy in something as simple as making toast. He's good at heart and very innocent. Needing help learning the norms of the human world, Adam sometimes gets frustrated with being so "stupid." Despite the difficult transition to human life, Adam is a high-spirited person with child-like curiosity.


Before Adam was born, his incubation pod was on the ship that crashed in Roswell in 1947. The secret government organization Project Clean Slate found the ship and the incubation pod. When Adam hatched, Sheriff Valenti, the head of Clean Slate, became the only father Adam ever knew. His life full of experiments and tests, the only knowledge of the human world that Adam had access to was through picture books and what his cell guards told him.


When Michael Guerin is captured by Clean Slate, Adam is amazed to discover that there are other aliens on Earth like him. Even more amazing, Adam learns that not all people grow up in cells underground. Michael takes Adam under his wing, promising to take care of him and teach him about the real word. In a risky escape attempt from their prison, Adam makes it safely to freedom. Michael isn't so lucky--he's still trapped in the underground compound. Afraid of the big new world, Adam, alone and scared, somehow manages to find Michael's friend Liz Ortecho.

Helping Liz and her friends rescue Michael, Adam, under the influence of evil alien DuPris, destroys the Clean Slate Compound and kills Sheriff Valenti. The teens are afraid that Adam might be dangerous since they don't realize DuPris is controlling him. After DuPris reveals his terrible purpose, Michael comes to Adam's rescue. Michael invites Adam to live in the little housing unit attached to the UFO Museum, which Michael has inherited from Ray Iburg.

Adam explores the human world, finding joy in simple things. He struggles with understanding human things, like keeping the toilet seat down and other social norms. Michael is patient with him and tries to teach him all that he can. Adam is not only interested in the things around him; he also finds himself attracted to people. He falls in love with Liz Ortecho but, much to his dismay, her heart belongs to Max Evans. Adam has to be content with visiting Liz on the dream plane for any romantic moments.

Unforunately, Adam's life is suddenly cut short when DuPris kills him, just to make a point about power. Adam's death is quickly avenged, but the teens are all shaken by the loss. After the battle with DuPris, the group buries Adam in the desert.