Max Evans

Type: alien
Aura: emerald green
Scent: cedar
Physical Appearance: A tall blonde teen with blue eyes. He's very attractive but in a quiet and reserved way.


Max Evans is the quiet guy. He's cautious and reserved but also feels a great deal of responsibility for his friends and family. Nickamed "Mr. Responsibility" by Liz, Max often tries to take on too much at once. He is looked to for advice by his friends and has the ability to break up arguments and disagreements by finding a middle ground. With a sweet and caring personality, Max takes the time to help anyone--including lab mice.


Max's first memory is coming out of an incubation pod with his sister Isabel. Unaware of their alien origins, the two little kids were found wandering around in the desert by Mr. and Mrs. Evans, two lawyers from Roswell. The Evans' decide to adopt Max and Isabel--two strange little kids who don't know English or how to use a toilet. Despite their eccentric beginning, Max and Isabel are well loved by the Evans and grow up just like normal Earth children.

As Max gets older, he and Isabel realize they are aliens but decide to keep it a secret from everyone, including their adoptive parents. While Isabel loves to use her powers, Max is more cautious and doesn't like to attract attention to himself. He is shy, afraid to open up to anyone, and worried that if he is too well known, he may expose his alien secret to the world. He stays close to Isabel and to Michael Guerin, a fellow alien who had emerged from the pods, but had been placed into foster care, rather than adopted.


While eating with his best friend Michael Guerin at the local Crashdown Cafe, Max sees the love of his life (though she doesn't know it) shot by accident by two men having a heated argument. Without thinking, he runs to Liz Ortecho's side and uses his alien powers to heal her. After that, everything changes. Liz and her best friends Maria DeLuca and Alex Manes soon learn the truth about the three resident aliens living in Roswell. The six teens must ban together to stop Sheriff Valenti from discovering Max's secret.

With his secret revealed to Liz, Max is amazed to discover that she loves him too. At first Max is afraid to start a romantic relationship with Liz because he fears that she won't be safe with him. Not long after the shooting, Max becomes sick with the akino, a right of passage that his alien race must go through at adolescence. In order to survive this painful experience, Max has to connect with the collective consciousness, a psychic internet of all the aliens on his home planet.

Realizing that he should spend every minute that he has with the girl he loves, Max finally agrees to begin a real relationship with Liz. Unfortunately, Max's connection with the collective consciousness is something that he can't control and it starts to interfere with his every day life. It's nearly impossible for him to carry on a conversation with those around him because he has a million voices trying to communicate with him at once.

When Michael's brother Trevor comes to Earth through a wormhole, Max learns that there is a rebellion on his home planet against the collective consciousness. Evil alien DuPris, the man who had caused the ship to crash in 1947, is the leader of this rebellion, intent on destroying the collective consciousness. After battling DuPris and nearly losing his sister to the akino, Max agrees to help destroy the collective consciousness. His connection, however is too strong, and the collective takes his mind hostage, and starts to control his body, in an attempt to thwart the teens' efforts to destroy the collective.

Liz and the others find a way to destroy the collective consciousness, but they fear that Max will also be killed. Since Max is basically already dead, his mind trapped in the collective, they decide to take the risk. Liz connects with Max and uses all her energy to try and save him. Their molecules gravitate towards one another and, through their deep love, Max is freed and the collective consciousness is destroyed.