Ray Iburg

Type: alien
Aura: creamy white, almost colorless
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Ray Iburg is a regular looking guy. Nobody would ever have a reason to suspect that he is an alien.


Ray is a little eccentric and very mysterious. He has bean bag chairs instead of furniture and loves wearing tourist-trap alien t-shirts. He is obsessed with Elvis and once "shape-shifted" into The King for fun out in public. His favorite drink is the LimeWarp, a type of soft drink in Roswell. After his ship crashed in 1947, Ray was deeply affected. He doesn't like talking about the past and prefers to live in the present. He's a little carefree and enjoys the human belief that aliens are green and have laser beams. He runs the UFO Museum, because he finds it amusing and fun.


After his ship crashed in 1947, Ray Iburg was stranded on Earth. Managing to hide a set of incubation pods in the Roswell desert, Ray adapted his body to appear humanoid and hid out in the small town of Roswell. As time went by, he began to secretly watch the alien children grow up, but he feared that if he contacted them, the government would become suspicious. Realizing he was stuck on Earth, Ray opened up a UFO Museum in Roswell and enjoyed watching the tourists who came through Roswell.


When Max Evans applies for a job at the UFO Museum, Ray realizes his new employee is one of the alien children from the 1947 crash. Unsure of Max's loyalties and disposition, Ray decides not to reveal his identity immediately. Instead, he keeps an eye out for Max and his friends. When Max's sister Isabel gets into trouble with her alien boyfriend Nikolas, Ray is forced to use his alien powers to stop Sheriff Valenti from killing Isabel.

Once his alien origins are revealed to Max and his friends, Ray teaches the aliens how to use their powers and reveals a little about their home planet. Very closed-mouthed about the past, Ray only tells Max and Michael vital information. When Max becomes sick with the akino, Ray helps the teens break into Clean Slate to retrieve the communication crystals from their alien ship, which is being held in an underground compound. While the mission is a success, and Max is saved, Ray is unfortunately killed by Clean Slate guards while helping the teens to escape.

In his will, Ray leaves the UFO Museum to Michael Guerin.