Kyle Valenti

Type: human
Aura: unknown
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Kyle has an average build and dark hair.


According to Liz and Maria, Kyle is a jerk. Highly insecure, Kyle is always looking for ways to get the love and attention he needs from his distant father, Sheriff Valenti. He's tough and cunning, a dangerous combination for the alien residents of Roswell.


Kyle grew up in Roswell with his father, Sheriff Valenti. His father wasn't home much and Kyle never really found his place in the world. For a while, Kyle dated Liz Ortecho, but she broke up with him. Did Kyle really think that she'd enjoy watching him play video games? Without even being offered a turn?


After a mysterious shooting in the Crashdown Cafe, Kyle knows that Max Evans has a secret--a secret that his father is very interested to know. Jealous that Max is dating his ex-girlfriend Liz, and desperate for his father's attention, Kyle makes it his business to find out everything he can about Max. When his father suddenly disappears, Kyle rightly suspects Max had been involved. Wanting answers, he kidnaps Maria DeLuca's little brother Kevin and forces Max and his friends to explain what happened to his dad.

With no other choice, Max tells Kyle that his father was murdered by an evil alien named DuPris. Kyle can't handle the truth and goes insane. With no alternatives left, Max and his friends must have him committed to a mental institution before Kyle reveals the truth about the aliens living in Roswell.