Nikolas Branson

Type: alien
Aura: unknown (gold?)
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Nikolas is a tall, black haired boy who rides a motorcycle. He has a bad-boy image that accurately reflects his personality.


Nikolas has very little respect for humans. He considers himself to be superior since he has alien powers. Considering humans as something lesser, he doesn't even like to listen to what they have to say. He'd rather talk to someone who is also an alien. When Max and Isabel warn him about Sheriff Valenti, he refuses to be scared of any human or to take any precautions with his powers. He does what he wants to when he wants to. Nikolas also has a more advanced understanding of his powers since he's been using them longer than the other teen aliens.


When Nikolas came out of his incubation pod, he was placed in foster care by the authorities. Sent to a different town, Nikolas grew up outside of Roswell. Unable to live with humans who didn't understand him, Nikolas never made any real friends or built any strong relationships.


Nikolas' foster family moves to Roswell and Nikolas is enrolled in Ulysses F Olsen High. Almost immediately, all the girls want to date him since he is cute--and has the bad boy attitude. Nikolas doesn't have eyes for anyone except Isabel Evans. Excited to learn that Nikolas is also an alien, Isabel delves into a passionate relationship with Nikolas. Max and Michael are very concerned about Isabel getting close to him because they fear that Nikolas is dangerous and reckless. He keeps using his powers and, with Valenti, the head of Project Clean Slate, on the lookout for aliens, Max worries that Isabel might be in danger.

Not paying attention to her friends and family, Isabel keeps dating Nikolas. He convinces her to break into the bowling alley and teaches her how to knock people out by squeezing the appropriate veins in their heads with her powers. Isabel starts to become a little concerned, but her feelings for Nikolas cloud her judgement. One night, they break into the mall after it's closed and mess around in the closed shops. To Isabel's horror, Valenti follows them inside and, while Isabel hides, Valenti shoots Nikolas, killing him.