Liz Ortecho

Type: human
Aura: rich amber
Scent: ylang-ylang
Physical Appearance: Liz is a short but beautiful young Spanish teenager. She has long black hair that smells of jasmine and dimples.


Liz is a caring, sweet person with an incredible need to be perfect. After her sister Rosa overdosed on drugs, she felt the need to stay perfect, get good grades, and show her parents that they didn't have to worry about her. She loves biology and wants to be a scientist when she grows up. She likes things to make sense, have an order, and a meaning.


Living her whole life in Roswell, Liz grew up with her Spanish parents and grandmother. Her sister Rosa overdosed on drugs--a terrible incident that affected everyone in Liz's family. Her parents are very overprotective because they care so much about Liz and want her to be safe. Liz's mother loves to bake and is famous for making all kinds of themed cakes. The Ortechos also run one of the most popular eateries in Roswell, The Crashdown Cafe. Liz and her best friend Maria DeLuca work there as waitresses. Everyone in town knows what kind of mood the boss, Mr. Ortecho, is in by his music. If he's listening to the Grateful Dead, he's in a great mood; if he's listening to The Doors, he's likely to be pretty upset.


One day, while working in her parent's diner, Liz is accidently shot by a pair of out-of-towners having an argument over money. To her surprise and amazement, a boy she knows from school, Max Evans, rushes to her side and heals her. Discovering that he, his sister Isabel, and their friend Michael Guerin, are aliens, Liz doesn't know how to react. Turning to her best friend Maria Deluca for support, Liz is nervous and scared.

After seeing Max heal a lab mouse named Fred, Liz realizes he is a truly good person. Convincing Maria and Alex Manes to help her stop Sheriff Valenti from finding out Max's secret, Liz gathers all six teens together. As a group, they throw Valenti off track. Falling in love with Max, Liz is hurt and confused when he says it is too dangerous for them to be together.

After Max is almost killed by the akino, an alien sickness that every adolescent must go though at puberty, he agrees to try out a relationship with Liz. The two of them are very much in love, but their troubles are not over. The group must still face Project Clean Slate and an evil alien named DuPris. In addition, Max has joined the collective consciousness and it's making him more and more distant from Liz.

Fearing that Max is no longer the guy she fell in love with, Liz breaks up with Max and starts to become close to a newcomer alien named Adam. Despite Max's distance, however, she still loves him with all her heart. When the collective consciousness takes Max prisoner, Liz works with her friends to shatter it and free him. Because of their love for one another, Max is able to survive the destruction of the collective--and Max and Liz can finally be together.