Type: alien
Aura: magenta
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Trevor is tall with longish black hair. He has hands like his brother Michael Guerin.


Trevor is mysterious and cunning. Being Michael's brother, he has some of the same characteristics: it's hard for him to show his feelings, he likes to joke around, and he can be really sweet. Trevor, having grown up among the rebels on his home planet, is very set on destroying the collective consciousness. Nothing else seems to matter to him. He's very self-assured, tough, and composed.


Trevor was born on the home planet into a group called the Kindred. The Kindred is a rebellious organization set up in opposition to the collective consciousness. Its leader is Elsevan DuPris. When Trevor's parents became pregnant with Michael, they needed to leave the planet in order to keep their second child; the laws on their planet declared that each couple could only have one child. Leaving Trevor under the care of the Kindred, his parents infiltrated a prisoner transport ship that was carrying DuPris. When the ship crashed on Earth, Trevor's parents were killed.


When the Kindred learns that one of the Stones of Midnight is in the possession of Michael Guerin, Trevor, as Michael's brother, is sent to Earth to infiltrate the group, steal the stone, and return it to DuPris. When Michael finds out that Trevor has betrayed him, he is crushed and angry at his brother. Michael and the other teens in Roswell believe DuPris to be a ruthless and evil man--they can't believe that Trevor would willing want to work with such a monster.

Upset by his broken relationship with Michael, Trevor knows that it's a necessary sacrifice. Nothing is more important than destroying the collective consciousness, which is enslaving his people. Nevertheless, Trevor attempts to explain himself to Michael in the dreamplane. While they are communicating there, Trevor learns that Isabel Evans is sick with the akino, a painful experience which ends when one joins the collective consciousness. Trevor tells Michael that it is possible to survive the akino without joining and he tells Michael to bring Isabel to DuPris' hideout.

When Trevor sees how close to death Isabel is, he worries that her human body will not be able to withstand the akino the way his alien body had. Without DuPris' permission, Trevor uses the Stone of Midnight's power to help ease Isabel's pain and successfully save her from death.

When DuPris finds out that Trevor wasted the stone's power, he decides to teach Trevor a lesson and he uses the stone to kill Adam. As soon as Adam hits the ground, dead, Trevor realizes that his leader is an evil man. Without hesitation, Trevor kills DuPris, saving Michael and the others.

Having to regain the trust of Michael and the other teens, Trevor works hard to prove his loyalty. To his relief, Michael and the others agree to help him destroy the consciousness. Along the way, Trevor starts to develop some romantic feelings for Isabel Evans. Once the consciousness is destroyed, he knows that his home world will be in political turmoil and will need help being rebuilt. He asks his brother to help him, but Michael decides to stay on Earth with Maria. Returning to the home world by himself, Trevor leaves behind a waiting Isabel and a family he never knew he had.