Sheriff Valenti

Type: human
Aura: unknown
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Valenti is a tall man who always wears dark sunglasses.


If Liz had to pick one word to describe Valenti, it would be "deliberate". He is a calm and assured man who doesn't make any sudden movements but has an undeniable air of authority. He's ruthless and committed to his job.


Valenti may be the sheriff of Roswell, but he is also the head of a secret government organization called Project Clean Slate. He works in an underground compound, studying and testing an alien named Adam. Clean Slate had found Adam's incubation pod and taken him into custody. When Adam hatched, Valenti became his father figure and Adam even called Valenti "dad". Meanwhile, back in Roswell, Valenti's real son, Kyle, feels ignored and unloved.


After Liz Ortecho's gunshot wound is healed, Valenti begins to suspect that more aliens are living in Roswell. He pays close attention to Max Evans and his group of friends. When Michael Guerin and Isabel Evans break into the Clean Slate Compound to steal some crystals from their ship that the government confiscated, Valenti is able to capture Michael Guerin.

Still needing evidence of the other aliens, Valenti tries to force Michael to tell him who the other aliens are. With little success, Valenti hires a spy named Cameron Winger to try and break into Michael's psyche. Before Valenti can find out any useful information, the teenagers break into the compound to free Michael. Under the influence of evil alien Elsevan DuPris, Adam kills Sheriff Valenti and burns down Clean Slate.