Alex Manes

Type: human
Aura: screaming orange
Scent: almond
Physical Appearance: Alex has a lean build but he is still attractive in a geeky sort of way. He has red hair and a crooked smile.


Alex is always cracking jokes and making people laugh. Incredibly smart, Alex sometimes seems a little geeky. He's always making strange lists, which he puts on his website. Despite his silly attitude, Alex can be very strong and serious. When his friends are in danger, he's always at their side, fighting to the end.


Growing up in a large family with his older brothers Robert, Harry, and Jesse, Alex was always in the shadow of his father, The Major. Very much into the military, The Major is upset to discover that his son Alex doesn't want to go into the navy. Alex, under constant pressure by The Major to start up an ROTC program, prefers to stay out of his father's path and can't wait until he moves out of the house. Alex hangs out with his two best friends Liz Ortecho and Maria DeLuca every chance he gets.


After Maria DeLuca convinces him that Max Evans is an alien from outer space, Alex is afraid for the safety of his friends. When he learns that Max is hopelessly in love with Liz, however, he realizes that Max and the other two alien residents of Roswell, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, are just as scared as he is. Working with his new-found friends, Alex helps stop Sheriff Valenti from finding out the aliens' secret.

Falling in love with the beautiful Isabel Evans, Alex tries everything possible to get her attention. After many failed attempts, Alex finally wins Isabel's love. For a while, everything is going great between them but eventually things fall apart. Before he and Isabel can discuss their relationship, however, Alex is accidently sent through a wormhole. Trapped on the home planet of the aliens, Alex must wait for the beings to gather enough energy to send him home.

Returning to Earth with one of the three Stones of Midnight, Alex knows someone is following him--someone who is willing to kill him to get the Stone of Midnight. What's worse? Alex learns his father is a member of Project Clean Slate, a secret government organization set up to hunt aliens. Despite everything, Alex learns that his father has kept his friends' secret--and, more importantly, that his father really does loves him. He is also relieved to learn that the person following him in the wormhole was Trevor, Michael's long lost brother.

After coming through the wormhole, Alex went through a transformation. Much stronger--and more attractive--Alex finds the girls are much more into him than ever before. Though he enjoys being popular, he remains loyal to his best friends and alien buddies. Realizing Isabel has feelings for Trevor, Alex must be content to have her as a friend and nothing more.