Michael Guerin

Type: alien
Aura: brick red
Scent: eucalyptus
Physical Appearance: Michael is a tall, muscular guy with spiky jet black hair that is always sticking up in all directions. Maria says he could be a Navy Seal or something.


According to Maria DeLuca, Michael has the whole tortured-soul thing going on. Bumped from foster home to foster home, Michael is always searching for the place where he belongs--for a family. He's afraid to show his true feelings and has trouble opening up. Michael is always joking around but when he needs to, he can be very serious and calculating. He'll stand by his friends and family no matter what--evidence of his hidden sweet side.


Michael's first foster family was the Hughes family, but he's been shuffled from so many homes that he has lost count. Realizing he was different at a very young age, Michael was relieved to find Max and Isabel Evans, two aliens like himself. Growing up in Roswell, Michael never felt like Earth was home; he searched and searched for a way back to his home planet, but all he ever found was the cave where he and the Evans had come from their pods.


After his best friend Max Evans uses his alien powers in public, Michael is forced to reveal his secret to three human teenagers: Liz Ortecho, Maria DeLuca, and Alex Manes. At first afraid of the humans knowing such a dangerous secret, Michael eventually realizes these humans are just the friends he needs. After they all pull together to stop Sheriff Valenti from discovering the truth about Max, Michael realizes he has a family here in Roswell.

When Michael moves to the Pascals, yet another foster family, he turns to Maria for support. He enjoys spending time with her, lying on her bed watching silly movies late into the night. Starting to develop some romantic feelings towards Maria, Michael is captured by Project Clean Slate before he can act on any of them.

While studied and prodded by Clean Slate's government scientists, Michael develops a crush on Cameron Winger, a spy placed in his cell by Sheriff Valenti. After his friends break him out of the Clean Slate compound, Michael is confused about who he wants to be with: Cameron, Maria, or his good friend Isabel Evans.

During the escape from the compound, Ray Iburg, one of the adult alien survivors of the 1947 crash is killed. Michael's social worker, Mr. Cuddihy informs him that Ray left Michael the UFO Museum, of which Ray had been the owner. Michael moves into the UfO Museum with Adam, an alien boy that he rescued from Project Clean Slate during his escape.

Michael's romantic feelings have to be put on hold, while the group battles an evil alien named DuPris. Soon after, his brother Trevor appears on Earth. In his excitement, Michael stands beside Trevor when the other teens accuse him of having an ulterior motive. Deeply hurt when Trevor betrays him, Michael tries to come to terms with the relationships in his life.

After the death of DuPris, Trevor proves his loyalty to Michael and the other Roswell teens. Hoping Michael will return with him to the home planet, Trevor is disappointed when Michael decides to remain on Earth to be with Maria DeLuca, the girl Michael finally realizes that he loves.