Elsevan DuPris

Type: alien
Aura: unknown
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: DuPris is a tall eccentric man with an oily comb over.


DuPris has a strange affixation with pain and suffering. He enjoys having power and using it against others. Not too concerned with other people's lives, DuPris has all his energies focused on one thing: destroying the collective consciousness--no matter what it takes. He's an eccentric man who enjoys watching old Earth sitcoms, but he is also ruthless.


On the home planet, DuPris is the leader of a rebellion called the Kindred. Caught by members of the collective consciousness, the whole regime he seeks to destroy, DuPris was put on a transport ship as a prisoner. Escaping, perhaps with the help of some undercover Kindred members on board, DuPris inadvertently caused the transport ship to crash on Earth in the human year of 1947. Surviving the crash, DuPris made his home in Roswell, New Mexico, after his alien body adapted to human form. He runs a newspaper called The Astral Projector, but really he is trying to find the Stone of Midnight, a powerful energy source which he knows is on Earth somewhere.


Upon discovering that Max Evans and his friends have the Stone of Midnight in their possession, DuPris attacks the group in the hope of retrieving his lost property. Being thwarted by their counterattack, DuPris does not have another shot until Trevor, Michael's brother, comes to Earth through a wormhole. Trevor, a member of the Kindred, uses Michael's trust to regain the Stone of Midnight and return it to DuPris.

As DuPris and Trevor work to recharge the Stone of Midnight, Isabel Evans, one of Trevor's friends, becomes sick with the akino. The akino is a right of passage that connects a person to the collective consciousness, but those who do not wish to join must endure great physical pain. Isabel's human body cannot withstand the destructive force of the akino and she is forced to turn to Trevor and DuPris for help. Trevor, without permission from DuPris, uses the Stone of Midnight to help Isabel through the akino.

Outraged at Trevor for wasting the stone's power, DuPris takes the stone and, to demonstrate its power, he kills Isabel's friend Adam to make a point. When Trevor realizes that DuPris is evil--even though his cause of destroying the collective consciousness is good--Trevor does not hesitate in killing DuPris to save the rest of his friends.