Isabel Evans

Type: alien
Aura: deep purple
Scent: cinnamon
Physical Appearance: Isabel is a tall beautiful girl with long blonde hair. She has great looks and she definitely knows it.


Isabel knows she looks good, and she loves the way she can manipulate guys. A top member of the cheerleading squad, Isabel is the leader of her own popular clique at Ulysses F Olsen High. Still, all this beauty and popularity comes with its cost: Isabel is seen as cold and selfish by many. She likes to get her way, but she also has a sweet side that might take some digging to find. Isabel hates letting people see her when she is vulnerable and she hates crying in front of others. When she is scared or nervous, she organizes and sorts excessively.


Isabel's first memory is coming out of an incubation pod with her brother Max. Unaware of their alien origins, the two little kids were found wandering around in the desert by Mr. and Mrs. Evans, two lawyers from Roswell. The Evans' decide to adopt Isabel and Max--two strange little kids who don't know English or how to use a toilet. Despite their eccentric beginning, Isabel and Max are well loved by the Evans and grow up just like normal Earth children.

As Isabel gets older, she and Max realize they are aliens but decide to keep it a secret from everyone, including their adoptive parents. While Max is more cautious with his powers, Isabel loves to use hers, dream walking guys at her school or clearing her face from zits. Before the shooting at the Crashdown Cafe, the only thing she ever had to worry about was head-cheerleader Stacey Scheinin snagging the best guy in school. All in all, Isabel had a safe, fun life, hanging out with her best friend Tish Okabe at the mall and flirting with boys.


In an instant, Isabel's safe and fun life changes when her brother Max decides to be a hero and use his alien powers in public to save Liz Ortecho from a gun shot wound. Now, instead of worrying about what she was going to wear to the prom, Isabel has to worry about the next big threat trying to track her and her alien friends down. What's worse? Sheriff Valenti, the man she used to have wolf-like nightmares about, turns out to be an alien hunter hot on a trail leading straight to her.

Despite the fear of being discovered by the government, Isabel falls in love with a fellow alien named Nikolas who shows up in town soon after the shooting at the Crashdown. Isabel lets her wild side take over, carelessly using her powers and ignoring the advice of her closest friends and brother. After Nikolas is murdered by Valenti, however, Isabel returns to the prissy Ice Princess that she had been before, slowly melting to those closest to her.

Isabel dates Alex Manes for a while before breaking up with him in a really harsh and cruel way. Not long after, while fighting evil alien DuPris, Alex is accidentally sent through a wormhole to Isabel's home planet. Devastated, Isabel focuses all her energies on saving Alex and bringing him back home. In her quest to return Alex to safety, Isabel discovers that Alex's dad is a member of Project Clean Slate, the alien hunter organization that Sheriff Valenti was in charge of.

After Alex is safely returned to Earth, he and Isabel come to a mutual agreement that they work better as friends than lovers. Isabel thinks she may be in love with Michael Guerin, but they both quickly decide that they are too much like siblings to ever date. Nevertheless, when Isabel becomes very sick with the akino, an alien rite of passage to the collective consciousness, Isabel turns to Michael for help. She refuses to join the collective and, at the point of death, Michael begs his brother Trevor for help in saving Isabel's life.

After saving Isabel, Trevor convinces the group that the collective consciousness needs to be destroyed and Isabel and her friends agree to help. Trevor invites Isabel to return with him to their home planet once it's destroyed to help rebuild society, but Isabel decides to stay on Earth. She is disappointed when Trevor leaves, however, as she was just starting to fall for him; but she knows their good-bye is not forever.