Cameron Winger

Type: human
Aura: olive green
Scent: unknown
Physical Appearance: Cameron has very short red hair, two tattoos, and wears perfume that reminds Michael of the ocean.


Cameron is flirty and highly independent. She has had a tough life and doesn't trust other people very easily. Though she mostly looks out for herself, Cameron sometimes tries to do the right thing and help others.


Little is known about Cameron's past. She ran away from home and won't let anybody--especially her parents--know where she is from. With some hidden issues, Cameron moves from place to place, looking for a place to call home.


In need of money, Cameron agrees to pretend to have psychic abilities in order to spy on Michael Guerin for Sheriff Valenti. She allows herself to be put in a cell next to Michael, pretending to be a prisoner herself. Once getting to know Michael, however, she begins to have second thoughts about her agreement with Valenti. Realizing that Michael is the victim, Cameron agrees to try and help him and another prisoner named Adam to escape the Clean Slate Compound. Though Adam manages to escape, Cameron and Michael remain trapped until Michael's friends come to the rescue.

Once freed, Cameron comes to Michael's home and crashes on his couch. She struggles with revealing the truth to him about having been a spy for Valenti. She has strong feelings for him and wants to be honest, but she is scared to tell him that she lied to him. Knowing Michael will be deeply hurt, Cameron decides leaving town will be best. Without saying goodbye, Cameron takes off.